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Paisa Vasool Review – Outsiders (Non-Fans) Not Allowed

Paisa Vasool ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Outsiders (Non-Fans) Not Allowed


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 22 mins

BalakrishnaWhat Is the Film About?
Theda Singh (Balakrishna) works with police to eliminate a big Don. He is also simultaneously saving Harika from goons because she is inquiring about her missing sister Sarika (Shriya). Why is Theda Singh protecting her and is there any connection between Theda Singh and Sarika? Who is Theda Singh? The answer to all these questions is basically what the film is all about.

How Is Balakrishna’s Performance?
Nandamuri Balakrishna is the heart of the film. Let us just say at the onset, if one connects with his onscreen over the top antics in the movie, there is something in Paisa Vasool to be enjoyed. But if they don’t it is easily skippable. Balakrishna tries hard to be cool, and it shows. Similarly, he also goes through the whole process with the sort of enjoyment that is infectious. He is enjoying everything that is being done on screen whether or not the audience feels so. The age factor is evident for the disconnect, but additionally, there is a problem with the voice as far as Paisa Vasool is concerned. How one wishes the combination has happened ten years ago or at least half a decade ago?

Director-Puri-JagannadhDirection by Puri Jagannad?
Puri Jagannadh has been making crazy movies lately with a very fresh or outrageous concept as the basic plot. But most of those films didn’t involve a top hero. When it comes to top stars, he makes the usual commercial potboiler, and Paisa Vasool is no different in that story aspect. The difference is made by bringing Balakrishna into the mix.

Paisa Vasool is a very ordinary movie story wise. The film looks like a combination of past Puri Jagannadh films with best bits taken from each of them. The twists, the characterization, the plot movement give a heavy dose of Deja Vu. Maybe that is why the director puts the entire burden on Balakrishna so that focus shifts from him.

Right from the first frame till the end, it is a film that runs entirely on Balakrishna’s presence and essence. The scenes with heroines look weak, but everything else that involves interaction with goons and fights is fine. If one is okay with the body language and for fans, that is enough to be pleased, but when seen in totality as a whole, the film suffers.

The first half is alright as Balakrishna’s effort masks the mess. But in the second half, nothing is fascinating for the star to pull. His act appears repetitive and frankly looks like trying way too hard to be cool. The climax is a drag. Of course, there is a total disconnect even before we reach the end. Overall, the movie is just an average fare if one is a fan of the star, for others, it is a nothing unmissable.

Shriya SaranShriya Saran and Others?
Shriya has less screen time compared to other two female leads, but she has more importance than them. Her scenes with Balakrishna are some of the best moments of the film. Kyra Dutt plays the role of a cop, but she is given the cover of an item girl. The latter suits her better as there is not much to perform. Pavithra Lokesh has better acting moments than Musskan Sethi, but overall both are wasted. Vikramjit Virk is given a new makeover as the stylish villain. He looks right for the part, but there is nothing to say acting wise. Kabir Bedi gets few scenes but doesn’t make any impression. Prudhvi and Ali are ordinary.

Anup-RubensMusic and Other Departments?
Music is below par by Anup Rubens, choreography saves a couple of songs, though. Background score is good. The cinematography is alright. Editing is okay.

Puri dialogues
First half

Too many fights
Second half

Musskan SethiAlternative Take
A better fleshed out Bob Marley track with a strong and satisfying ending.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
Only for fans.

Paisa Vasool Review by Siddartha

Paisa Vasool Review, Paisa Vasool Movie Review Ratings

Final Report:

Paisa Vasool joins the list of Puri’s weakest gangster stories. Fans will be sure to enjoy few extreme funny mannerisms from Balayya. Visit back for our frank review soon.

– Movie ends with song Coco Cola Pepsi Balayya Babu Sexy on rolling titles. Fans and Family Film and Outers not Allowed followed by Jai Balayya ends the movie.

– Few mannerism of Balayya may even look regressive especially for his age and respect he commands in society. They could have been easily avoided keeping his current political profession in mind.

– Few Balayya dialogues:
– I am a Fan of NBK I Got 101 fever.
– It’s for fans and family ‘Outers’ not allowed.
– “Naa gundello kalche hakku iddarike istha fans and family … outers not allowed.”

– Bala kills don Bob Marley. Movie ends.

– RAW agent Bala’s full name revealed. He is Balakrishna Nandamuri.

– Finally a twist. Theda Singh (Bala) is a RAW agent from India. Twist to Shriya’s character. Bala kills Bob Marley’s brother.

– Shriya gets into trouble for collecting evidence on don Bob Marley. Theda Singh comes to her rescue.

– Shriya Saran makes an entry in Theda Singh’s flash back episode.

First Half Report:

Paisa Vasool first half is all about Theda Singh’s histrionics in typical Puri style hero body language. Balayya’s extreme style comedy works in parts. Strictly average first half.

– Interval bang gives us a hint about Theda Singh’s flash back. Break time with a twist.

– One of the three female leads Musskan Sethi gets an okay role.

– Balayya’s dialogue close to his recent slap gate controversy. Padi mandiki pettina maname, Nalugurini kottina maname.

– 30 Years industry Prudhviraj gets an average comedy track.

– Third song ‘Padhamari’ is just an okay number visually.

– Drunk Theda Singh fighting with blur image is fun.

– Balayya does a Sr.NTR in second song ‘Kanti Choopu Cheptundi O Pilla’. This song should have been a feast for Balayya fans but misses that magic.

– Cops request Theda Singh (Balayya) to kill a don named Bob Marley.

– Balayya’s dialogue “Neeku Bob Marley telsa? “Naku mansion House tappa emi teliyadu” brings good laughs in the theater.

– Balayya’s entry with Paisa Vasool Title song. The choreography is decent with lots of skin show. Kyra Dutt is shown extremely hot in this song.

– Show begins with director Puri calling “Bala Action”

– Paisa Vasool show is about to begin. Jai teaser from Jai Lava Kusa plays on big screen just before the show begins.

Preview: Paisa Vasool

Puri’s Top 3 @US-BO
S# Movie Collection
1 Temper $1 Mill
2 Business Man $700 K
3 Cameraman Gangatho $610 K

Right from the title, Balakrishna’s makeover and promotions and the overall attitude displayed throughout, ‘Paisa Vasool‘ is Puri Jagannadh’s movie which is coming at a crucial point of his career when he needs to deliver a super hit to come out of the disastrous fate.

It’s high time that he delivers as his image is all time low with back to back flops and the recent drugs issue. ‘Paisa Vasool’ has to be that movie that infuses the lost confidence in trade. Nevertheless, the director has his trusted set of fans who wait for his movie irrespective of his flops.

NBK’s Top 5 Films @US BO
S# Movie Collections (In $)
1 GPS $1.6 MN
2 Legend $419 K
3 Sri Rama Rajyam $212 K
4 Simha $141 K
5 Lion $113 K

Will Balakrishna’s star power and the immense mass following give super hit for Puri in the form of ‘Paisa Vasool’? Moving on to the Nandamuri hero, a hit or a flop at this stage of his career will not affect much. He just delivered a hit movie ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’.

A hit or a flop doesn’t affect his loyal fans as they see him beyond hits and flops in his career. That’s the kind of following he commands by his sheer presence. Of course, a hit movie will always rejuvenate fans and keep them motivated.

Are the promos promising? One has to agree that the trailer of the movie had been loud and offered nothing new in terms of a fresh story. Unlike Puri’s previous heroe Kalyan Ram who had opted for a major makeover, Puri didn’t offer anything new for the audiences in that aspect.

But, both Puri and Balayya has one common string binding them. They are impetuous and unpredictable when it comes to which film clicks for them and which one doesn’t. Sudden surprises do await the fans of the duo. Will ‘Paisa Vasool’ be that surprise combo?

Shriya Saran has proved lucky for Balakrishna with ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’ in 2017. However, it’s not Balakrishna who needs all the luck, it’s the director, Puri Jagannadh.

One thing is the fact. The music, the story, the characterizations in the movie aren’t going to be the deciding factors. One strong point that connects instantly with the audiences is going to make the film work and that is how most of the films did wonders for Puri making him a trendsetter with films like ‘Idiot’, ‘Amma Naanna O Tamila Ammayi’, ‘Pokiri’ etc.

Will ‘Paisa Vasool’ be that film for Puri? Will Balakrishna add another feather to his hat of successes in his career? Time is ticking by and soon we are going to be aware of the judgement of the audiences. So, stay with us for the exclusive Paisa Vasool review from the mirchi9 team.


– Paisa Vasool premieres in the US will start at 5 PM EST.

– Paisa Vasool premier collection will not be tracked. The first-day collection will be out which includes both Thursday premiers and Friday collection.

– Paisa Vasool premieres priced at $18 per ticket. This is a good price from a distributor point if the turn out is good in theaters considering Puri’s recent track record and with a senior hero like Balakrishna.

– Director Puri has only one million dollar movie (Temper) to his credit. The US market for Telugu films has been very kind this year. Can he pull off a second million film with a senior star like Balayya? Yes, it may be possible if the movie offers hilarious entertainment and opens to very good reviews.

– Paisa Vasool is expected to dent small sensation Arjun Reddy wave in the US. How far it will eat into Arjun Reddy revenues will depend on the opening talk of the film. Arjun Reddy will have newly added screens in several locations this weekend.

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