-padesave-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Cheap emotions.


‘U’ Certified – 126 mins

Sai Karthik-padesave-reviewWhat is the film about?
A triangle love story between Niharika ( Nithya Shetty),Swati (Sam), and Karthik (Sai Karthik).

How is Karthik’s performance?
Performance of — is really bad. He just goes through the motions with zero spunk. Many scenes are rendered flat due to the inability of the lead actor to emote. Unlike his debut film there are no dances too which could be mentioned as saving grace.

padesave-reviewDirection By Chunia?
Triangle love stories are a thing of past, if one is going to do it now the least they could do is not repeat the same old clichés. Director Chunia fails in that aspect. This is a cliche ridden badly directed and acted movie. Period.

padesave-reviewNithya Shetty and others?
There are two heroines in the film but the one who clearly has better part is Nithya Shetty. Although she reminds one of Colors Swathi she still stands out among the main leads. Swathi hits all the notes wring right from the beginning and it only gets worse towards the end when she is required to be more dramatic. Apart from these two heroines and hero, others have very little to so apart from hero’s friend. Naresh and Anita Chowdhary are alright. Rasi who makes comeback after a long time gets disappointing role that fails to create any impact.

padesave-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music from the film provided by Anup Rubens is the biggest positive in the film along with background score. Cinematography is decent at best in few sequences. Editing is poor. Dialogues are cringe worthy.

aali-padesave-movie -highlightsHighlights?
Short length

Bad acting
Weak narration

padesave-reviewAlternative Take
Nothing wrong with triangle love story but it should have been done with a modern approach and sensibility. That would be an interesting alternative take.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Padesave Review by Siddhartha