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What Is the Film About?

Savi (Taapsee)’s boyfriend, Satyajit (Tahir Raj Bhasin) gets into a deep mess when he goes after easy money. He finds himself in a situation where he has to make 50 Lakh Rupees in 50 minutes. Savi tries to rescue him but she needs to solve multiple deadlock-like situations to arrive at that.


Taapsee is at best an average performer any time. She is making up for that by selecting interesting stories and characters. Looop Lapeta has a character that constantly runs. She is a girl who has a problem with her father and is madly in love with an aimless guy. None of the character straits are strongly established. We do not have time to put her to test as the character and the story are constantly running. But at times, we see her without proper expressions especially when the character is in distress. But that is not damaging.

Tahir Raj Bhasin is another character that will be seen throughout the film. He does it okay wherever needed. There are a handful of characters like Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Rajendra Chawla, Sameer Kevin Roy, Manik Papneja, and Raghav Raj Kakker. All of these are small characters without the scope to stand out but they are important to the story. And they have performed up to the characters’ demand.


Looop Lapeta, as the title, indicates is a loop of an event with three different circumstances. We do not have a logical explanation of how Taapsee finds herself in the loop as if it is magic. But she is thrown into three possibilities. After the first two, she figures out a way out of the mess removing the deadlocks.

Looop Lapeta is the adaptation of the German film, Run Lola Run. Director Aakash Bhatia and his team of writers intelligently Indianized it with the concept of Sati Savitri’s story. The hero and heroine names resemble the names of characters in Satri Savitri’s story for that reason. At the same time, the entire setup is centered in a Christian, cosmopolitan culture like how we see in Goa. The Telugu version, as a result, may have nativity issues.

The first half of the film lags you to boredom. We see things happening but the purpose is not established. We feel the proceedings are boring and lengthy until the loop is revealed. The next two loops are revealed fast and keeps you entertained and guessing. Your are also thrown into some interesting sequences making those portions decent watch.

There are other complaints as well with the film. The father-daughter track, the athlete track, and even the love track are not strongly established. The entire story has its foundation on these threads. Moreover, the weird camera angles and the forced comedy are not every one’s Cup of tea. The director may have used them to give a different effect as well as justification for the loop concept. But it distracts the impact. Even at 131 minutes, the film feels lengthy mainly due to the first half.

Finally, Looop Lapeta is an okay watch for the OTT viewers. Opting the Direct-to-OTT release is an excellent idea considering the content and the response the movie is expected to get. Audience may find it tough to sit through the film’s first half in theaters but on Netflix, you will have your fast-forward button.

Music and Other Departments?

Looop Lapeta has good technical values. The color palette is in sync with the loop concept and the camera angles feel weird initially, and later we get used to it. The dubbing quality in Telugu is atrocious and using the Hindi songs for the Telugu version is really bad on the part of Netflix. The background score is good.


Loop concept

Second half


Lag in the first half

Forced Comedy

Lack of Convincing Supporting tracks

Did I Enjoy It?
Partly Yes

Will You Recommend It?
For OTT, Yes

Looop Lapeta Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti