Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video ReviewBOTTOM LINE:

Passable Digital Watch


What Is the Film About?

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video ReviewBujjigadu alias Srinivas (Raj Tharun) and Krishnaveni alias Swathi (Malavika Nair) escape from their respective houses evading marriages for their own reasons. But then, rumors spread in their village that they have eloped together. While they were enemies on one set of names, they become close with other names. What happens rest in their lives form the rest of the story.

How Is Raj Tharun’s Performance?

Raj Tharun is at ease. He gets a tailormade role in the confusion comedy and he walks through it comfortably. He is seen with a beard for the first time and it is okay. The problem is we have seen in similar roles in many films. The actor probably needs to see if it is getting monotonous when he sits to decide on his future projects.


Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review

Director Vijay Kumar Konda seems to have banked on a confusion comedy to make a comeback. However, we get a feeling that he is still strongly influenced by his previous hit film, Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyindhe. The first half of the film is pretty decent with comedy working out.

The director overdid the second half trying to generate too much confusion, probably to evoke more fun. But then, in the process, the second half got stretched beyond necessary. The movie goes wayward after the hilarious hospital scene as the director stuffed with many cliched scenes and from there, it is all downhill. A good 15-20 minutes can be easily trimmed in the second half itself and more of it after the hospital scene. The climax is once again a letdown. 

Despite the glitches, Orey Bujjiga ends up as a passable digital watch because the comedy worked out very well here and there. The portions of Satya and Sapthagiri have worked out very well in some places. Raj Tharun delivers a film far better than his recent outings.

Malavika Nair, Hebah Patel and Others?

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video ReviewMalavika Nair is the main heroine in the film. She seems to have lost weight and in the process lost her charm. At some places, the dialogue delivery looked amateurish as well. Hebah Patel gets a limited role and is okay. Posani Krishna Murali and Senior Naresh are good at whatever they are offered. Satya and Sapthagiri rocked at some places. Madhunandan is good as well. Raja Ravindra is fine in a routine character.

Music and Other Departments?

All the Songs composed by Anup Rubens are speedbreakers. They come as Fast-Forward things for a Digital watch. The background score is okay. Neither great nor disturbing. I Andrew’s camera work is too good and the visuals are colorful. The production values are good. Dialogues penned by Nandyala Ravi for the most part are impressive. Editing by Pravin Pudi is patchy. A good portion of the second half need to be chopped.


Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video ReviewRaj Tharun Energy

Comedy Here and There, especially that of Satya and Sapthagiri

Hospital Sequence


Predictable Story

Stretched Second Half

Cliched Scenes in the Second Half

Bad Climax

Alternative Take

After a decent first half, it is imperative that the tempo is maintained. The director should have chopped a good portion of the second half. He may regret overdoing the film in the name of confusion. The climax should have been dealt with better. It works for a Digital Watch now but the changes would have made it suitable to the theaters as well. 

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes in Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes for A Digital Watch

Orey Bujjigaa Review by Siddartha Toleti