Operation 2019 Review – Bland Political Drama

Operation 2019 Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Bland Political Drama


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 21 mins

SrikanthWhat Is the Film About?
Uma Shankar (Srikanth) is an NRI who wants to do good for his village. He sends money for the welfare of the native place which is miss used by the local MLA. It forces Uma Mahesh to enter politics. Initially, he announced an honest candidate but people fail him. Later Uma Shankar turns politician using all the wrong methods and succeeds. What happens when the genuine people are affected by his political avatar is what the film is about?

How Is Srikanth’s Performance?
Srikanth puts in a sincere act. And that is all there to it. The script lacks any depth or scope for the actor to shine. He just has to give serious poses and keep up a sombre look. Ultimately, it is another forgettable part as nothing stands out except the climax message that the character delivers.

Karanam BabjiDirection by Karanam Babji?
Director Karanam P Babji has the right intention with regards to the message he wants to convey. He also has a basic idea of what is happening in reality. Unfortunately, he lacks the quality of mixing the reality and delivering an engaging message oriented cinematic experience. What we are left within the film is a series of expositions and rants against the public politically with no real connecting tissue of a story.

The first half is a series on sequences which shows how the voting public is at fault and the second half is a similar follow through this time with political parties and leaders and how they jump from one party to another. The people bashing continues in the background. All through our hero is the right guy. How do we know that? The personal secretary never sways him despite all the advances she gives. He is only after the public and wants to teach them a strong lesson.

In the end, there is a message delivered outside the court to the media. That part alone could be shot as an exclusive video and publicized as a political awareness video. It would have saved us all the trouble of watching two hours plus tirade against the public. Operation 2019 has a decent message to deliver, but it is a sufferable watch at cinemas.

Deeksha PanthDeeksha Panth and Others?
The female leads, Yagna Shetty and Deeksha Panth, have nothing to do. The former acting as the wife has few dialogues whereas the latter appear for songs and nothing else. Leaving them aside, even other actors also have no prominent roles. Nagineedu did not even dub for the movie which makes all scenes involving him come across as jarring. Sunil and Machu Manoj bring nothing special to the table with their cameos.

Music Director Rap Rock ShakeelMusic and Other Departments?
Rap Rock Shakeel’s music is loud, and the background score is noisy. The technical departments are weak with substandard cinematography and editing. The writing is also not that impressive.

Sunil -operation 2019Highlights?
Few Moments In First Half

Non-existent Story

Operation 2019 Review, Operation 2019 Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
A promotional video for the movie delivered the message the film makes in less than five minutes.

Did I Enjoy It?

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Operation 2019 Review by Siddartha

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