Ongole Gitta Review

Low on content and High on Tamil flavor

150 Minutes


Ongole githa Review

What is  “Ongole Gitta” about?
Ongole Gitta is the story of Dorababu alias White (Ram) who is a head strong youth working in Guntur Mirchi yard. Ram’s father (Prabhu) is a honest man and is Mirchi yard Chairman. And there is one Adhi Keshav (Prakash Raj) who has the evil intention of toppling him from that position and becoming Chairman. He finally succeeds in doing so. Rest of the story is how Dorababu dethrone him and reduce him in to nothing.

Hero RAM in Ongole gitta review

How did RAM perform ?
Ram’s characterization is as energetic as ever. The director completely focused on making use of Ram’s high energy levels and is successful. Ram is improving as an actor with every movie and that is evident in this movie too. His efforts in delivering dances and action sequences are quite commendable. He had successfully taken care not to show the discomfort due to shooting in Mirchi yard.

director Bhaskar  ongole gitta review

How is Bhaskar’s direction?
This movie can almost be termed as Bhaskar’s second debut. His earlier movies Bommarillu, Parugu and Orange are totally of different genre and now he tread a different path with Ongole Gitta. Unlike his previous movies which revolves around subtle human relations, he focused more on establishing hero’s characterization and weaving emotions around it. But he failed miserably in establishing the new style perfectly. Right from naming the hero as White, every thing in the movie had too much of Tamil flavour in it. The movie story is not at all happening in the first half and second half also seem to be patchy with the pace being totally inconsistent.

kruthi karbanda ongole gitta review

What about Krithi Karbanda and others?
Kriti Kharbhanda is cute in the character of Sandhya and looked awesome on the screen. Her performance is satisfactory and the chemistry between the lead pair looked good. Prakash Raj in the negative role as Adhi Keshavulu had delivered solid performance. Tamil actor Prabhu is good as Ram’s father in the movie. Raghu Babu, Kishore Das, Ali and others are good

RAM Ongole gitta

How is Dance, Music and Songs?
Some how the album did not work before the release of the movie. Some songs were good after repeated hearings. Bhaskar had his mark on the picturization of the songs and it would be saving grace for the songs department. Mani Sharma’s back ground score is good and enhanced the feel factor in some scenes. Ram had delivered excellent dances with good grace and pace.

How is the Cinematography and other departments?
A.Venkatesh’s camera work is good. The entire movie is colourful with excellent grading. Bhaskar’s mark is clearly visible in this department. Several scenes are shot using multiple cameras. Editing by Marthand K.Venkatesh could have been better. K.Khadir’s art work is good.

Prabhu Ganesanin Ongole gitta review

What are the highlights?
1. Ram’s characterization and dances (especially in Mama maraju)
2. Kriti Kharbhanda’s charm
3. Performance of Prakash Raj
4. Comedy by Raghu Babu and Ali
5. Irukuvari palli scene, TV9 Kishore Das scenes are good

Prakash Raj Ongole gitta review

Any Drawbacks?
1. Prakash Raj’s nude scenes are irritating
2. Excess of Tamil flavour in the movie
3. All the character at times seem to be loud and doing excess in their roles.
4. Uneven pace of the movie

Ram in ongole gitta review

What about its box office prospects?
The movie story is nothing new. It is a routine revenge story with minor changes. Bhaskar had managed to get some of the commercial aspects like comedy and dances but the few good parts in the movie are overloaded with excessive Tamil flavour which makes audience uncomfortable frequently. The movie pace is inconsistent at several places testing the patience of the audience.

Did I enjoy it?

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