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Tough luck Kalyan Ram!



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What is “Om 3D ” about?
Om is the story of Arjun (Kalyan Ram), a happy go lucky youngster born to a rich industrialist, Harish Chandra Prasad (Karthik) who enters in to a tangle with a central minister Bairreddy (Rao Ramesh). An agitated Bairreddy decides to finish him off. Arjun tries to save his father and in this process, several shocking twists and turns take place. What are those and how they turn the story should be watched on screen.

How is Kalyan Ram?
Kalyan Ram is always a decent actor. He is a decent actor right from his first movie to now. There is no much of improvement and he continues to fall back in emotional sequnces. Perhaps, the own production thing is also taking a toll on him.

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How is the 3D work?
Om is India’s first 3D Action movie. Action movies do have more scope for 3D work but this is not the case with Om. Budget restrictions and inexperience of our directors in handling this new technology seem to have restricted the movie. But whatever work is present it is of good quality.

How is Suneel Reddy’s direction?
This is Suneel Reddy’s maiden directorial. And he has done all the mistakes that first timers usually do. The depth in the story reflects the hardwork he put it on script but the screenplay played the spoilsport. It is totally uninteresting and confusing. The best part is that he atleast put the run time in contro or else it would have been a castrophe.

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What about Kriti, Nikesha, Karthik and others ?
The characters of Kriti Kharbhanda and Nikesha Patel form the center stage for twists in the movie but they do not have enough substance in their characters.Rao Ramesh and Karthik came up with some excellent performances. Suresh and Sampath Raj comes up with a decent performance. Rest of them are okay in their limited roles

How is Music, Songs and Dances & other departments?
Sai Karthik comes up with an average album and the picturization of songs is also not on par. The back ground score is totally ineffective. Dances are pretty ordinary. Cinematography is pretty average and the editing could have been a lot better.

Kirthi- OM 3D Review
1. Good story
2. 3D work
3. Production values
4. Performances

Any Drawbacks?
1. Bad treatment and screenplay
2. Absence of comedy

Kalyan Ram- OM 3D Review
What about its box office prospects?
The first half of the movie is lack lustre with a good interval twists. The director manages to intrigue audience in the second half with some good twists. As a whole, Om is technically sound but could not keep the audience fully engaged. Given its very high budget, it may be tough for Kalyan Ram.

Did I enjoy it?

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