Okka Kshanam Review, Okka Kshanam Movie Review, Ratings

Appealing Concept With Mixed Result


U/A Certified, 2hrs 30minutes

Okka Kshanam Review, Okka Kshanam Movie Review, Ratings
What is the film Okka Kshanam about?
A series of events happen in the life of Jyotsna (Surabhi) and Jeeva (Allu Sirish), which has a parallel connection with Srinivas (Srinivas Avasarala) and Swathi (Seerat Kapoor). What happens when a critical incident occurs in the second couple’s life? Will the same befall to lead couple? Can they escape the destiny is what the movie is all about?

How is Allu Sirish’s performance?
Allu Sirish is wooden, and it doesn’t change. Action, romance, or comedy, he has the same expression. What changes is the voice which gives us a hint of the emotion? The actor shrieks loudly whenever there is angry emotion, he mouths his dialogues fast and ends abruptly, it means we have a comedy punch somewhere. It is through cues like this Sirish operates. Unfortunately, Okka Kshanam is a thriller with drama centered around the lead. There is no escaping this time behind comedy or concept or glamor. The actor at the front has to engage and deliver, and that doesn’t happen.

Okka Kshanam Review, Okka Kshanam Movie Review, Ratings
Direction By Vi Anand?
It is the third film of director Vi Anand. Like some upcoming directors, he is slowly developing a pattern, but unlike others, he is also showing improvement in directorial abilities or at least maintaining it as well as he could. It is okay in either case.

So, in the first film Tiger, it was honor killings, in Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada it is about a soul, and now we have a parallel life. The director takes an exciting theme for the core plot and then weaves a screenplay around it that is filled with commercial elements. There is one consistent problem with all these films, and that can be felt majorly in Okka Kshanam, it is the third act.

The director opens the movies interestingly. He establishes the characters carefully and takes us through the beginning of the plot with delightful entertainment. There is a nice twist to the proceedings and interval is always captivating. The second half and act start on a convincing note, but pretty soon all the positive impression begins to fade one after other as we get into the third act. It has been the same problem with all the three films. In case of the second movie, good performing cast elevates the predictable and mundane narrative, but here in Okka Kshanam, the burden to rise above the script falls on a wood, and there is nothing that he can do to pull off the mumbo-jumbo happening on screen.

The real twists in the screenplay start at the interval which is superb. But the continuation with multiple turns in the second half takes a wrong turn in the middle. From then onwards, till the end, it goes through a motion with so much happening and without any impact. The climax is stretched testing the patience. Still for taking a fresh concept and fresh approach overall, one can give Okka Kshanam a try. If only we have a film with a different lead actor, it would have been a whole new experience.

Okka Kshanam Review, Okka Kshanam Movie Review, Ratings
Surabhi and others?
There are two heroines in the movie, Surabhi, and Seerat Kapoor. The former is the main lead technically, but Seerat Kapoor is also crucial for the narrative. Both have few good moments and some incredibly dull ones as well. Srinivas Avasarala is perfect for the part. Rohini is superb in critical moments. Praveen and Sathya handle comedy well. Dasari Arun in a guest role is okay. Jayaprakash does his role clinically.

Mani Sharma
Music and other departments?
Music by veteran Mani Sharma is right, and it helps in the progress of the movie, without being a roadblock. But, it is in in the background score where the expertise of Mani Sharma lies, and he delivers again. The cinematography is adequately captivating for most parts. Editing is mostly alright barring some moments. The dialogue par for the course for the most part but there are certain individual ones which have come out well.

Okka Kshanam Review, Okka Kshanam Movie Review, Ratings
Basic concept
Background score

Thirty minutes into the second half
Lengthy climax

Okka Kshanam Review, Okka Kshanam Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
Just like there are parallel lives there are multiple ways, the concept could be executed. Removing the hospital twist and focussing on drama involving the love could be one such.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, strictly to those who want to watch different films.

Okka Kshanam Review by Siddartha Toleti


Note: Due to inclement weather conditions we are not able to bring live updates from the US premiere. Visit back for our review shortly from the first show in India.

Preview: Okka Kshanam

There would probably be no second opinion on the fact that Allu Sirish is one of those luckiest guys who survived though his debut movie tanked big time. ‘Gauravam’ was a disastrous entry for Sirish who slowly picked up with an average movie ‘Kotha Janta’ and a decent hit ‘Srirasthu Shubhamasthu’.

The mega hero is now coming up with a different movie, ‘Okka Kshanam’ with an acclaimed director Vi Anand. With the positive buzz the movie has generated and the credits of the director, ‘Okka Kshanam’ looks like a sure shot winner.

Director Vi Anand is known for the out-of-the-box ideas he comes up with and there is a section of audiences which connects with his type of stories. This is a crucial film for the director who gave a decent hit ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’ with Nikhil.

The fate of this movie will decide his future offers though he had already signed a movie for Geetha Arts and Allu Arjun may likely feature as the lead in the project. The director weaved his magic with the teaser and the trailer.

The ‘parallel lives’ concept looked really interesting in the trailer and audiences who love intelligent movies are eagerly waiting for this movie’s release.

With the limited market Allu Sirish commands, only a good story combined with an engaging narrative and a positive word of mouth are the present requirements that would ensure a hit movie for both the director and the hero.

Ace music director Mani Sharma scored the music for the film and we know Mani Sharma’s strength lies in the background score he delivers. For an out-of-the-box idea to work greatly, the BGM is like a soul. This is one big added attraction for the movie if the story turns out to be an engaging one for the audiences.

It’s time to know how far Vi Anand and Allu Sirish have delivered something that lives up to the expectations raised by the trailer. Wait for our genuine Okka Kshanam review. Stay tuned.

Okka Kshanam US premier collection: $21,000 as of 10.30 pm EST.