Boring and predictable.

‘A’ Certified, 125 mins.


hero-manojWhat is “Oka Criminal Prema Katha” about?
As the title suggests there is romance, there is a crime. The romance is one of the serious issues related to our society and the crime is the cinematic plot device used to keep the audience engaged.

How is performance by Manoj Nandan?
Manoj Nandan is well cast as the village youth with a heart of gold. More than his acting his earnestness works for the role. Its not complicated or anything, it is a simple character which he has done justice to.

director-sunil-kumar-reddyDirection by Sunil Kumar Reddy?
Direction by Sunil Kumar Reddy is a multiple times Nandi Award winning director and one can see why he has won so many awards by watching the film. The issue he takes up is identifiable along with the sequences he has conceived which we might have read in papers often but choose to forget. The problem comes in the way its presented. Its crude and raw in nature and it creates a repulsion. The purpose would have been served with making the audience uneasy. Instead by going this way the director makes sure that people stay at a distance from it. Those who are simply looking for an engaging movie also would be disappointed due to the sluggish pace of the film.

How is Priyanka Pallavi and Other Artists performance?
Priyanka Pallavi gets the main character in the film along with Satyanand and they both play out their parts effectively in a believable way. Both must be appreciated for accepting the characters. Apart from them the actor playing Johnny, friend of hero makes his mark too. The rest are a mixed bag with some being poor and others being just a bit better than poor.

praveen-immadi-music-directHow is Praveen Immadi’s Music and other departments ?
Music by Praveen Immadi is poor with a low grade vibe all over. The background score is better comparatively. Cinematography is decent but the editing is poor. The voice is out of sync many times. Dialogue are raw, lack finesse and at times so juvenile it brings the seriousness of the film down big time.

Few performances.
Real locations used.

Slow pace.
Dialogues and visuals lacking sophistication.

What about the box office performance of the film?
This film has got nothing to do with the previous such titled film apart from the fact that both present a realistic look at the society around us. The previous film was a surprise success mainly due to word of mouth and also because it catered or represented the youth segment. This film doesn’t have that element and even with decent word of mouth chances of pick up are next to none due to the subject.

Did I enjoy it?
It isn’t a subject to be enjoyed.

Will you recommend it?
Only to those with hard stomach and lots of patience.


Reviewed by Siddhartha