Ok Bangaram Review

Ok Bangaram ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Breath of fresh air.


“U/A” Certified, 139 Mins.

Dulquer Salmaan Ok Bangaram ReviewWhat is the film about?
The realization of love between Tara (Nithya Menen) and Adi (Dulquer Salman) who start out with livein relationship.

How is Dulquer Salmaan’s performance?
Dulquer Salmaan’s performance along with heroine is what makes the film. He doesn’t act in overtly dramatic style showing off his acting skill but his mere presence and demeanour brings the credibility to the character. All he has to do is just play along and connect at some level which he does effortlessly. He has of course done these kinds of parts many time in his small career itself which helps in developing a great ease on screen. And with Nani providing the voice the nativity issue too doesn’t rise.

Maniratnam Ok Bangaram ReviewDirection By Maniratnam?
The director is in fine form here with all his usual elements in place. As there is no distraction and complete focus dedicated to the plot at hand the impact is stronger when the performances hit the right note. He handles a fairly simple plot as said and hence even the smallest of things gets magnified which mean any boredom that creeps in or any sappiness that sets both gets extrapolated. Luckily for the viewers there are bits of the former, small moments that don’t work and bore rather than the latter.

In the second half especially the director shows his mastery over subtle emotions. Even though a lot is happening and being said everything is understated and low key without things ever getting over melodramatic. Those who like these sort of performances would surely love the proceedings more than the average Joe who might find lack of dramatic action to be lack of action. Overall Mani Ratnam who trusted in his romance to bail him of mess has put his faith in the right place.

Nithya Menon Ok Bangaram ReviewNithya Menon and others performance?
Nithya Menen is another great highlight of the film. Again like the hero she has been there done that many times earlier. She goes through her characters emotions with great ease as a result. Same thing can be said of Prakash Raj as well who plays his character with great love and affection.

A R Rahman Ok Bangaram ReviewMusic and other departments?
Those who might have been disappointed with the musical album would surely eat out their words looking the film. The way they are placed and used as part of narrative is superb. The background score is haunting to say the least and it helps in enhancing the emotions big time. Like the music cinematography by PC Sreeram achieves the same impact through his visuals. Dialogues are fine. Editing could have been sharper in first half.

Highlights Ok Bangaram ReviewHighlights?
Music and bgm.
Lead pair chemistry.
Screenplay and direction.

Average first half.
Extremely slow at times.

Drawbacks Ok Bangaram ReviewAlternative take:
The makers have achieved what they want to say in right way. First half of the film could surely be worked again to create a much better impact. That should be it for an alternative take.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Ok Bangaram Review by Siddhartha

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