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Oh Baby Review, Oh Baby Telugu Movie Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
Savitri (Lakshmi) is a widowed older woman with grandchildren. However, her over affection, seen negatively, leads to a problem with the daughter-in-law. It eventually becomes a serious issue, one that threatens the latter’s life. An upset Lakshmi wishes to get young. What happens when her wish is fulfilled is what Oh Baby is all about.

How Is Samantha’s Performance?
Samantha is on a roll since the past many years mixing ‘commercial’ and ‘variety’ subjects of all kinds that offer her chances to play and explore different characters. The balance has been impeccable as there are regular blockbuster deals too in between. However, it is films like Oh Baby that increase her status as a solo star.

There should be no doubt in saying that Oh Baby rides entirely on Samantha’s star power. She carries the weight of the movie on her shoulders. When we speak of the heroine-oriented films, usually, they are restricted to specific terrain. They are stereotyped in a way and Oh Baby breaks all those.

It is a regular commercial entertainer with comedy and drama in equal doses. Samantha doesn’t play a challenging part or anything. The deal here is to do typical commercial stuff, in a female-led narrative, without the clichés of regular heroine-centric parts, something that Samantha herself has done in U-Turn.

Oh Baby has a cheerful, fun-filled, lighter vein act from Samantha that hits all the right notes. The actress has perfected the bubbly act, and one can feel the ease, literally. The small emotional moments are also well covered. In the end, the character of Swathi is an enjoyable act rather than a memorable performance.

Oh Baby Review, Oh Baby Telugu Movie Review RatingsDirection by Nandhini?
Nandini Reddy burst on the Telugu cinema screen with the immensely likeable Ala Modalaindi. Since then she has been struggling to get a success on that level. In fact, she has forgotten to deliver a decent product. Under such circumstances, Oh Baby can be seen as a comeback of sorts from her.

In the few films that Nandini Reddy has done, she has definitely established a unique style. It is more due to the way she handles the comedy. The writing and staging make it stand out. Oh Baby isn’t high on that list, but it maintains at a steady level without losing the graph. That happens to be a significant achievement as of now.

Oh Baby follows the graph of the previous movies of Nandini Reddy to the T. The fun and vibrant first half followed by a dramatic turn in the second half with a neatly placed and well-rounded punch in the end. In the past two outings, she tried to recreate the magical ending of Ala Modalaindi and failed terribly at it. Luckily she avoids that trap here. But, more on that later.

The movie opens with the neat establishment of the various characters of the family of Savitri (Lakshmi). The emotional core is established neatly until the change of narrative occurs with the entrance of Swathi (Samantha). We travel on an entertainment path from then onwards, most of which work out. The interval is okay.

The second half comparatively has lesser comedy which is fine as the proceedings and culmination are highly predictable with genuine no twists and turns at all. The journey as it is gets diluted with the introduction of a (love) track and also half-baked (musical contest) extension of another one.

What makes the second half remain the bearable zone is the emotional sequences involving the primary characters that come briefly in between. They are highly predictable but are executed well.

And finally, the ending portions which we talked about earlier. Nandini Reddy avoids past mistakes and takes an emotional route this time. It works well for Oh Baby. Still, a cute cameo has been put to bring a smile on everyone’s faces. Don’t worry; we wouldn’t spoil it.

Overall, Oh Baby has a decent first half with freshly packaged entertainment. The second half slows down the tempo and interest, but with the heart in the right place, it overcomes the glitches and leaves one satisfied. It is, therefore, a relaxed weekend watch for movie lovers, and fans of Samantha in particular.

Oh Baby Review, Oh Baby Telugu Movie Review RatingsNaga Shaurya and Others?
Oh Baby is a classic example of perfect casting. While Samantha leads the show, multiple character artists around her are given small, but critical parts. The Rao Ramesh and Rajendra Prasad duo deliver as usual. The young ones also surprise.

Naga Shaurya has a decent role that doesn’t require any special or memorable performance. It only needs him to be present and do his routine. He does that comfortably. Teja Sajja shines in a brief but essential role. Jagapathy Babu plays a God. Mirchi Hemanth is bland and unmemorable. Pragati is alright. The rest of the cast is okay too.

Oh Baby Review, Oh Baby Telugu Movie Review RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
The music of the film given by Mickey J Mayer is below par. It is more so considering the second half with all this band and competition stuff making it musically dependent. The background score too is okay-stuff. The cinematography is exquisite. The movie bears a vibrant and glossy look throughout. The editing could have been better in the second half. The writing is sufficient for the plot at hand.

Oh Baby Review, Oh Baby Telugu Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Entertainment In First Half
Emotional Parts In Second Half

Second Half Feels Lengthy
No Real Twists And Turns In Narrative
Few overdramatic scenes

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, for the most part

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with little reservation

Oh Baby Review by KK-US


Final Report:

The second half takes an emotional turn, which is all well-rounded, in the end. It has less entertainment compared to the first half, though. There are a few half-baked passages, but overall, it’s a satisfying end. Watch out for our honest review.

– Oh Baby comes to an end with a surprising Cameo of a Akkineni hero. Final report and review soon.

– As expected Sawthi (Sam) wins the popular star musical contest without any struggle!

– Sam (Singer) wants to win the star musical contest. The movie is heading towards the climax.

– Vikram (Naga Shaurya) proposes Sam. She is yet to accept. The band is getting ready for a big musical star event. Three bands reach finals and Sam’s is one of them.

– Oh Baby second half started. Young Baby (Sam) is set for a live performance in the band.

First Half Report:

Oh Baby has a refreshing plot with some good funny episodes that keep the narrative going at a steady pace. The first half, overall, is passable. Samantha shines, as expected.

– Rao Ramesh and Rajendra Prasad still searching for old Baby (Lakshmi). Interval.

– Baby (Lakshmi) back to her family as Young Baby (Sam). Meanwhile, Naga Shaurya who’s looking to form a band impressed with Baby’s singing skills.

– Twist to Baby’s (Lakshmi) character. Everyone in the family thinks she ran away. Young Baby Samantha enters the show.

– Chanti (Rajendra Prasad) and Baby (Lakshmi) are good friends. Baby’s domination in the family raising stress levels for everyone. The doctor advises her son Rao Ramesh to keep her away from the family.

– Professor Shekar (Rao Ramesh) opens the show Oh Baby. He is teaching Geriatrics which deals with the care of old people.

Preview: Oh Baby

Never did we have so much fun watching Samantha in the teaser and the trailer of ‘Oh Baby‘ as a 73-year-old granny who turns young when her age reverts to a 23-year-old.

Samantha promised fun with her presence and body language, and she will be the crowd puller for the movie without a doubt. That energy and the innocence in her eyes are to die for.

So, every movie fan would love to watch the movie, for sure, for her sake. No doubt, she must have done her part to perfection. It’s director Nandini Reddy who must keep up the promise she made in the form of the promos.

Leave aside her recent flops. Nandini Reddy might have invested the best of her skills in Oh Baby. It’s up to her to live up to the expectations.

Of course, actors like Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Naga Shourya looked 100% apt and hope they would shine when we watch the film in entirety. Especially, expecting a hilarious treat from Rajendra Prasad.

Other things seem to be falling into the right space for Oh Baby. Can’t wait but to come back with a comprehensive ‘Oh Baby’ review from our mirchi9 team. Just keep watching this space, folks!

Oh Baby US premier gross at 10 pm EST – $130,182 (from 89 Locations).