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Unbearable Officer


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 04 mins

Officer Review, Officer Movie Review, Officer Telugu Ratings What is the film about?
Shivaji heads a special investigative team to look into the murky affairs of encounter cop Narayan Pasari. What happens when Pasari is acquitted of the crime, and how he decides to take revenge is what the movie is all about.

How is Akkineni Nagarjuna’s performance?
Nagarjuna is fine as usual. He looks the part and does it with clinical professionalism. There is of course nothing challenging or new for him though. A good aspect of the characterisation is playing the age and bonding with a child. Nagarjuna feels at ease doing them. Luckily, there is no awkward insertion of romance. Officer is a mechanic affair for the star that offers nothing special.

Officer Review, Officer Movie Review, Officer Telugu Ratings Direction By Ram Gopal Varma?
Ram Gopal Varma directs the film and that is the movie’s biggest issue. It is so because of the choices made by the director who has long ceased to be a maverick and is now in a narcissistic mode.

We want to divide the narrative issues into three parts, the first being the story. For a big hero, we have to say that the content present in the movie is enough. It has enough to hold attention. The second thing is the screenplay and writing. The former is weak in the film barring few moments. The best part was the two-timing happening with the underworld help sought by the ‘Officer’ and the subsequent encounter and framing. Whatever happens before and after could have been tweaked in a better way for more gripping narrative and profound conflict.

And lastly, and the most critical issue with the movie is the making. The aesthetics are what lets the film down completely. There is never a sense of “space”, the “place”, with the camera angle placements and zooming on the faces. The dialogues are flowing, and the action is happening, but there is a total disconnect between the proceedings due to the technique employed. Even the few decent moments are lost due to the effect.

The ‘sounds’ of location isn’t an alternative for the cinematic depiction of space which is an integral part. Imagine the conversation of Chandu and his friends in the train from Company shot using the present technique, the reality and impact would be lost, if there is only zooming on the faces of the characters and we only hear the sound of the train with weird camera placements. This is the biggest issue with all the recent RGV movies and how even the decent content and entire effort is going in vain.

Overall, leaving aside the technical issues, Officer is a predictable and lengthy film (despite its short duration) with poor shallow writing. A cinematic presentation would have made Officer better, but in its current form the movie doesn’t work.

Officer Review, Officer Movie Review, Officer Telugu Ratings Myra Sareen and others?
The casting of the movie is good with some neat actors chosen for essential parts. However, none barring Anwar Ali and Sreekanth have a decent role. These two are alright. Myra Sareen is okay. Baby Kaavya is okay. Ajay and Sayaji Shinde are wasted.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Two needless songs only add to the length of narrative. The background score is typically loud and bombastic as in RGV films. The cinematography is poor whereas the editing is alright.

Officer Review, Officer Movie Review, Officer Telugu Ratings Highlights?

Predictable Narration

Officer Review, Officer Movie Review, Officer Telugu RatingsAlternative Take
Generally, an alternative take would be regarding the story, and how it could be bettered or if there is another way, here we have to say that it could be made in other cinematic ways.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Officer Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

RGV let’s down Nag BIG TIME. Nothing works in the Officer, visit back for our detailed review shortly.

– No respite in Climax too. Officer comes to an end, finally!

– No recovery yet, Pasari Vs Shivaji (Nag) going on.

– Shivaji (Nag) is on the run.

– Officer second half started. Shivaji (Nag) started facing troubles from Pasari.

First Half Report:

Officer first half is full of zoom camera shots and few weird shots on the shoes. Nag does justice to his Officer role, but story wise nothing exciting happening so far.

– A small twist brings Underworld back in Mumbai and creates panic in the city. Pasari forms a special squad, he picks Shivaji (Nag) in his team for the revenge.

– Shivaji (Nag) fails in his SIT investigation, gets into trouble with Officer Pasari.

– Shivaji Rao (Nag) starts investigating Officer Pasari roots and the reason behind his encounters.

– Officer Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna) shifts to Mumbai from Hyderabad to investigate Pasari encounter case as a SIT chief. Shivaji gets to stay with his daughter Shalu who lives in Mumbai.

– Officer show started. Officer Pasari kills three people in encounter in Mumbai.

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Preview: Officer

If there is any hope left on Nagarjuna’s ‘Officer’, that’s only because of the hopes on Nagarjuna’s judgement with regard to selecting the scripts. However, no promotional activity or the promo material had given even the slightest of hope on the movie that is coming before us.

We know that RGV is at an all-time low phase in his career and the reason for the buzz is the combination. This is the third time Nag-RGV combo is coming together after they both started off delivering a cult movie ‘Siva’ to the Telugu Film Industry.

The teasers and the trailer failed to be intriguing enough to make the audiences to wait and see the work of the cult combination, once again. The only hope is to keep praying there would be some surprises from RGV that would prove all the reservations on him false.

No one knew how Nag could lay his faith on a director who is consistently delivering poor and totally unexciting content and also when the director seems to be interested in many other things rather than concentrating on his writing and direction.

Will RGV keep Nag’s faith? Will Nag prove his judgement, once again? Wait for the genuine ‘Officer’ review from our mirchi9 team. Stay tuned, folks.