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‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 47 mins

Mohan LalWhat Is the Film About?
Odiyan Manikyam (Mohan Lal) belongs to an Odiyan clan of shapeshifters who make a living by scaring people in the dark. Manikyam (Mohan Lal) who learns the art from his grandfather is taught never to kill. What happens when Manikyam is accused of killing two people and the very people whom he cares about also believe what the people say? Who is the real killer and how Manikyam wins the trust of the people he cares about is what the film is all about?

How Is Mohanlal’s Performance?
Mohan Lal is terrific like he usually is most of the times. It is not the acting that comes as a problem, but the get up becomes an issue when they don’t sit well with the personality. On screen, it looks odd. The greatness of the senior star and legendary actor is that despite such physical oddness, he manages to engage and make one forget the issue with his act. The fights once again are neatly done and remind of Puli Murugan.

Director V A Shrikumar MenonDirection by V. A. Shrikumar Menon?
VA Shrikumar Menon making his directorial debut with Odiyan has picked an exciting concept of the legend of Odiyan’s for the plot, sadly, that only appears as a small gimmick in the movie which consists of a track that is as old as the oldest hills.

The movie starts nicely with an engaging and intriguing build up about the Odiyan clans. The problems begin as soon as we get into the core story involving the characters of Prabha and Rajarao. What we see here and the way the narrative progresses makes one lose interest in the proceedings. The exciting bits arrive whenever we get to know and understand the Odiyan at work and his past teachings etc.

The second half becomes more and more serial like with the way things progress. Also, at that point, the Odiyan track also runs thin. There is a total disinterest due to all the predictability and clichés involved in the second half. The emotions felt contrived and stretched beyond endurance. If anyone does manage to stay until the end after all that precedes it, the climax fight is decent.

Overall, Odiyan is a grand opportunity squandered big time with outdated kitsch and drama. The fresh parts appear in between, but the fractured narrative doesn’t help it either.

Manju WarrierManju Warrier and Others?
The performances are good all-around with each actor doing their bit as part of the space they have inhabited. Manju Warrier is lovely in the role she has got. Sana Althaf, even though has less screen time compared to Manju, she has also done a neat act. Prakash Raj playing the scheming villain comes across as little over the top compared to others. The rest of the cast, playing small but essential parts have done well.

Music Directors - M JayachandranMusic and Other Departments?
The music by M Jayachandran doesn’t register in the Telugu due to the overall lag and predictable narrative. It adds to the length and makes one restless like the one featuring the lead pair in the second half. The background score by Sam CS is brilliant. It raises the tempo whenever there is good content on offer. The cinematography and editing are well done. The fights by Peter Heins are neatly choreographed.

Prakash Raj - Odiyan ReviewHighlights?
Odiyan Clan History and Work
Mohan Lal
Action Scenes

Basic Plot
Second Half

Sana AlthafAlternative Take
Reducing the predictable drama keeping the murder aspect intact and sticking to the Odiyan clan and the problem faced by an Odiyan, thrillingly would be an alternative take.

Did I Enjoy It?
Very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Odiyan Review by Siddartha

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