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What Is the Film About?

Sakshi (Anushka) is a deaf and dumb artist who grows up in an orphanage. Sonali (Shalini Pandey) is her close friend who is very possessive of Sakshi. Sakshi gets hired by a Prestigious Art Gallery in Seattle. Antony (Madhavan), a celebrity musician enters her life. When they are about to get engaged, unexpected events occur and all of that forms the crux of the story.

Nishabdham Telugu Movie Review

How Is Anushka Shetty’s Performance?

Anushka is elegant in a role that suits her offscreen image. She emoted well in the role of a deaf and dumb artist and invoked the necessary sympathy required for the character. But then, we get a feeling that the director could not exploit enough of her abilities.

Direction by Hemant Madhukar?

Nishabdham is supposed to be the comeback film of Hemant Madhukar who delivered a disaster with his first Telugu movie, Vasthadu Naa Raju in 2011. He chose a story that is a thriller and got perfect artists like Anushka and Madhavan for the lead roles. But the good things about the film ends right there.
All the characters were poorly written. The story gives a horror feel in the first scene and that gets clarified very soon. The success of a thriller depends on how good the director can keep the secret and how good he pushes the audience to doubt every character. But nothing of such sort happens. He tries to create doubts but everything looks so obvious. The so-called twist is revealed much before and it drags unnecessarily from there.Nishabdham Telugu Movie Review
The first half of the film bores with nothing exciting happening and too many things happen in the second half but without creating an impact. At no point, the audience will feel bad for the victim which means no emotional connection to the story. The foreign cast actually is pathetic. The audience does not connect to the movie at any point making it a complete bore-fest. It would have been a bloodbath at the box office if the movie released in theaters.


Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey and Others?

Madhavan is one actor who chooses the characters with substance. One would wonder why he chose to do this extended cameo. He also looked botched in the film and so it is thumbs down in every aspect. Shalini Pandey struggled in a poorly written character. Anjali is decent in the role of a cop but the character will do no good to her career. Subbaraju is usual in a role that is familiar to us in many movies. Srinivas Avasarala is completed wasted. Hollywood Actor Michael Madsen is an eyesore.

Nishabdham Telugu Movie Review

Music and Other Departments?

A couple of songs composed by Gopi Sundar are good to ears but do not make much impact on the screen. Grissh G took care of the soundtrack which is like okay. The cinematography by Shaneil Deo suits the mood of a thriller. The production values are fine. Prawin Pudi’s editing work disappoints.


Good to See Anushka Onscreen After A Long Time

Nishabdham Telugu Movie Review


Predictable Story
Zero emotional connect
Boring Scenes
Stretched Second Half
Bad Climax

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Nishabdham Review by Siddartha