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NaniWhat is the film Ninnu Kori about?
Uma (Nani) loves Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) truly, madly and deeply. What happens when Pallavi gets another such person in her life? Getting a second chance in love is what the film is all about.

How is Nani’s performance?
Nani is terrific in the movie. He shows variation in the movie through subtle changes in the body language. He is not in hyper, over acting mode. He is completely at ease and a natural in acting. The tag Natural Star perfectly fits for his act in the movie. In the second half every third scene ends with a ‘performance’ moment from the star.

Shiva NirvanaDirection By Shiva Nirvana?
Shiva Nirvana makes a solid debut. He extracts the right performances and mounts the movie well for a newcomer. So, is Ninnu Kori a perfect debut without any problem? Well, unfortunately it isn’t.

The movie begins well as it generates a curiosity but as it progresses and we get into the proceedings, the extreme routine element of the story is felt. Still, what makes them work is small moments that are filled with genuine humor. It is those moments throughout the duration that makes us engaged as a viewer. Pre-interval takes a surprising turn and interval is alright.

The second half starts off interestingly but it soon turns silly. The one-sided portrayal of the problem is the reason for such a feeling. It hits a crescendo with the ‘Christie’ twist. The melodrama that comes post the revelation is less organic and more contrived. It gives an impression that it is force fitted into the narrative to arrive at the point and deliver the message. So, in spite of the dramatic flair displayed by the actors, the content lacks the genuine connection. The credit is entirely on the actors to make one believe to the proceedings. The climax also owes completely to the actors involved. Overall Ninnu Kori is a decent watch and it is all due to performances. Since the director is responsible for that, the debut is solid.

Nivetha ThomasNivetha Thomas and others?
Nivetha Thomas is terrific. She is a performer and the movie gives her ample scope to perform. There are many scenes where she is on par with the hero and both seems to be having a performance session together. It is a rarity in Telugu cinema today and this alone, despite all the cliche, makes the movie a one time watch. But the performances don’t end with just the lead pair. Aadi Pinisetty gets a scene and so does Murali Sharma. All principle cast get one scene at least to emote in the true sense.

Gopi SundarMusic and other departments?
Music by Gopi Sunder is fine and serves the purpose. The background score is apt. The cinematography helps in maintaining a feel. Editing could have been sharper. Dialogues are good, especially the one liners as part of conversations are neatly written.

Aadhi PinisettyHighlights?
Superb Performances
Subtle Humor with Punches

Predictable story
Clichéd drama
Contrived climax

Tanikella BharaniAlternative Take
There is a movie called Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, do watch it.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Ninnu Kori Review by Siddartha Toleti

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Final Report: Ninnu Kori has a better second half compared to the first half. The sentiment and situational comedy work in the second half. Both lead characters Nani and Nivetha Thomas breathed life into this love story. Overall Ninnu Kori will appeal to the target audience. Watch out for our review shortly.

– Well written dialogues like “Life will give many chances to us, let’s give back a chance to life’ sounds very genuine on screen. Nani and Nivetha’s natural performances add lot of value to the sentimental yet genuine dialogues mixed with humor in-between.

– Aadhi Pinisetty is also very decent. His previous villain character in Sarrinodu also helped here for a small twist during the pre-climax.

– 30 years industry Prudhvi’s comedy works better in the second half. His comic timing and dialogues written for him are good.

– Murali Sharma as Pallavi’s father is apt.

First Half Report: Ninnu Kori has an average first half with mild humor and predictable story so far. Slowness is a big drawback so far. Nani looks fabulous in simple lover boy role.

– Tanikella Bharani is good in his brief usual role as a professor.

– Pallavi (Nivetha) falls into Uma Maheswara Rao’s love is not convincing. It has no logic.

– First twist; Nivetha (Pallavi) runs to Nani. The story quickly shifts to flash back time of their love story in Vizag.

– The show opens in US. Aadi wishes his wife Nivetha Thomas for their first wedding anniversary.

– Title cards started with Ninnu Kori theme song.

Ninnu Kori Movie Live Updates begin at 6AM IST.

Ninnu Kori US Premier collection update: Nani opened up strong in overseas territory. Ninnu Kori grossed $159,564 from US premiers. Nani’s previous hit film Nenu Local too collected around the same amount from premiers and joined the million dollar club. Ninnu Kori has potential to join million club but next week release Samanthakamani could pose a threat as the movie is carrying positive buzz.

Ninnu Kori Preview:

He is wearing the crown called ‘Natural Star’ and is coronated by none other than the audiences. Nani is definitely going guns taking care of both the quantity and the quality of the movie he has been doing.

After seven decent hits to his credit, Nani is back with yet another movie which seems to be intriguing enough to pull the crowds to the theatres, especially, the youngsters. The lead pair, the debut director Shiva Nirvana’s placid demeanour in every occasion he made a public appearance to talk about ‘Ninnu Kori‘ spoke a lot about the confidence they have in the story.

Nani’s speed combined with his selection of different scripts earned him good reputation as an actor who has good judgement over the content of the movie. This speciality is helping him to grow as a star not in the domestic market but also in the overseas.

Surprisingly, this natural actor has a bigger market in the overseas than some of the big stars in the Telugu Film Industry. If ‘Ninnu Kori‘ turns out to be a super hit in the overseas, it is going to make Nani a brand for the medium budget movies and a reliable name to look for.

Niveda Thomas has proved herself a performer in her debut movie ‘Gentleman’ and the hit pair, Nani and Niveda in the offing are sure to raise the bar and make the audiences expect a sumptuous feast, a refreshing one, if not, a completely novel script.

Not to forget, Aadi Pinishetty seems to be having an interesting role. In an interview, Nani told he liked Aadi’s character the most out of the three lead characters but such a role is not meant for him and hence went for Aadi.

The music of the film has got a good response and Nani’s single is an added attraction. Overall, the music sense is in sync with the triangular love story concept and youngsters are enjoying the melody numbers. Music director Gopi Sunder needs a special mention for the soulful album.

We need to mention the association of writer Kona Venkat. Once, he reigned as a writer who can dole out a safe content. Now, it is his past and this movie is very crucial for him. Kona Venkat gave the screen play for ‘Ninnu Kori‘ and let’s see if he can bounce back.

Overall, the positive vibes surrounding the film are making us expect that a super hit movie is coming from Nani. Will Nani continue his success saga, in a row? What magic would the debut director weave magic with this triangular love story? Will Nani-Niveda’s chemistry be one of the talking points of this romantic film? Wait for our full Ninnu Kori review, coming soon.

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