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Kiran-Abbavaram-Nenu-Meeku-Baaga-Kavalsinavaadini-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Teju (Sanjana Anand) is an alcoholic and stays alone. Vivek (Kiran Abbavaram) is the cab driver who drops her off frequently. One day out of curiosity, he asks her the reason for her constant drinking.

Teju’s flashback, followed by Vivek’s in the conversation, constitutes a major chunk of the movie’s narrative. What she said and did Vivek manage to change her perspective is the film’s overall story.

Kiran Abbavaram is in SR Kalyanamandam mode in Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavaadini. There is a grand mass intro item number, a stylish fight, and many comic satires in typical star style. He does have the ease in pulling them off, but one can’t help but feel if its too soon for a newcomer like him.

There are no big emotional scenes for Kiran Abbavaram in Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavaadini. The entire narrative runs on the dialogue delivery and ease factor. He is okay with them.

Sanjana Anand gets a meaty role, keeping in mind the kind of parts heroines get in regular hero-dominated commercial entertainers. However, she fails to create any impact. The biggest issue is with the presentation. She looks odd and unflattering in a few angles, and we see many of those. The sequence during the first half after a proposal, for example, the shots are terrible. When captured neatly, she looks decent.

Sridhar Gadhe directs Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavaadini. It has an old and outdated plot revolving around the elopement of the heroine and the repercussions it has on the girl’s family.

While the plot is as old as the hills, there is an attempt to adapt it to the current times. The screenplay and comedy take the modern approach, and the outdated drama is cut down as much as possible in the process.

While the intention might be right to tweak the cliche, the result is far from satisfactory. The way the narrative progresses and its shot, we still get the outdated vibe. It can be mainly seen when there are family scenes.

But, before that happens, the narrative is packed with lengthy comedy scenes. They are as silly as it gets. Take, for example, the dialogue – ‘Lays Tintunnava Anna – Ledu Kurchune Tintunna’. The comedy is filled with such silly writing. If that’s the idea of one’s entertainment, there are some funny bits, but even on that score, there is very little.

So, you leave out the silly comedy and the routine drama; what is left with is an interval bang and the climax. Yes, there is nothing else. The interval and the ending are decent compared to everything. No wonder they stand out easily.

In short, the interval makes one look forward to the second half. And similarly, the climax ends the whole thing on a positive note, but the thing is, it would be difficult to stay put up until that point.

Overall, Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavaadini has an outdated plot with a little tweak at the middle and the end. Everything else is a filler to entertainer with the silliest writing possible. It makes the movie an easily skippable affair theatrically.

Sanjana-Anand-Nenu-Meeku-Baaga-Kavalsinavaadini-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Apart from the lead pair, there is hardly anyone who registers. We have the veteran director SV Krishna Reddy play a routine father role, but he also lacks anything significant to speak about. Baba Bhaskar plays a comic part relative to the hero. He goes overboard, but routine sketches let down more than that. The rest of the actors have hardly anything to do even though they fill the screens from time to time.

Music-Director-ManisharmaMusic and Other Departments?
Mani Sharma provides the music and background score. The songs have an outdated feel, not just musically but also choreography-wise. The background score is better, comparatively, with some trendy beats in between. The cinematography, too, adds to the outdated vibe of the film. The editing is relative better from Prawin Pudi. The writing is mostly silly.




Poor Supporting Roles

Too Many Songs

Filler Narrative

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