Nela Ticket ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Illogical And Routine And A Mess


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 46 mins.

Ravi Teja Nela Ticket ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
How an orphan by birth and called Nela Ticket (Ravi Teja) by everyone takes on the might of Home Minister Aditya Bhoopati (Jagapathi Babu). What is Nela Ticket Ravi Teja’s problem with Aditya Bhoopati (Jagapathi Babu) and how it ends is what the film is all about?

How Is Ravi Teja’s Performance?
Ravi Teja is in his elements like he always is in mass entertainers. Unlike his last two films, he looks a bit aged in Nela Ticket. Ravi Teja carries the movie in his usual energetic style. There is nothing new on display and also nothing to complain. It is just that we get a feeling of repetitiveness and wish the star does something more worthwhile with his talent.

Director-Kalyan-KrishnaDirection by Kalyan Krishna?
Nela Ticket is the third film of director Kalyan Krishna. His last two films were nothing great shakes regarding storyline but it’s the execution with fresh content and an engaging screenplay that did the trick. Even in those, there were patches that show one the kind of problem he had with his narratives.

In Nela Ticket, all the expected problems come to fore which kills any entertainment the movie has to offer.

The first half of Nela Ticket feels like very random moments stitched together. Few individual sequences are alright but most are predictable and boring and long drawn. The introduction scene with the heroine for example or the one with Jaya Prakash in the police station, they add to the length but doesn’t do much to engage. The first interaction between Ravi Teja and Jagapathi Babu is superb, but such scenes are very rare. The interval bang is predictable but alright.

The second is better compared to the first half. That is only because of it being more coherent as a narrative. What actually happens is the most routine and cliches that one can imagine. One can only doff a hat to the director for inserting nonstop cliches with the silliest of writing.

While it is true that there is no need of logic in regular commercial cinema, it is also true that there must be an inherent logic to the illogical madness that binds the screenplay. It can be emotional or comedy or thrill but there must be that gripping factor. Kalyan Krishna fails big time in that department for his third venture. He couldn’t even place the songs properly. What we get in the end is a total waste of time and talent.

Malavika Sharma - NEla Ticket Review-Malavika Sharma and Others?
Malavika Sharma is alright in a role that offers her nothing performance wise. There are some glamour shots to showcase that aspect, but even it wouldn’t make an impact. There are many actors in the movie but the important role is that of Jagapathi Babu. Nela Ticket is his film as much as Ravi Teja’s. And like the later, Jagapathi too does his usual. Sampath is okay. Brahmanandam is wasted. Ali sleeps walks through the movie until the climax. Prudhvi is passable. Praveen and others are just fillers.

Music Director Shakthi Kanth- Nela Ticket Review-Music and Other Departments?
Music by Shaktikanth Karthik is poor barring a song. The background score is a mixed bag with few moments being nice. The cinematography is bad. Editing is poor. Dialogues are forgettable.

Ravi Teja
Fast Paced

Very Routine
Messy Narrative

SampathAlternative Take
It is a very routine plot and done many times before. With minor changes in the backdrop, the same could be done in future as well. One only wishes for a fresh screenplay and better entertainment given the arcs of the protagonist and antagonist.

Did I Enjoy It?
Very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Nela Ticket Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

Nela Ticket is another miss for Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. Not just it is a routine and stale genre, Nela Ticket disappoints on many counts. Visit back for our frank review soon.

– Home Minister Jagapati Babu’s plans to become Chief Minister is way too absurd.

– Ravi Teja’s is trying to take revenge on Home Minister (Jagapati Babu) in different ways.

– Second half started. Common man Ravi Teja troubling rich people in the court by filing cases on their assets is poorly written and executed.

First Half Report:

Nela Ticket first half is very routine and predictable, nothing we haven’t seen or fresh so far. Second half is key to deliver.

– Interval bang on a small twist.

– Home Minister Jagapati Babu wants to hijack the CM post by buying MLAs. Ravi Teja gets the job of stealing the truck carrying the money.

– Jagapati Babu is most corrupt Home Minister, on the other side Ravi Teja is helping needy people gets in his way.

– Ravi Teja shifts to Hyderabad with his friends gang, falls in love at the first sight.

– Simple intro for Ravi Teja in Vizag. He has no family thus he loves to be with people and help. Chuttu Janam Madyalo Manam is his way of living life.

– Jagapati Babu’s father Sarath Babu dies in a bomb blast attack. A small Twist that shows the nature of Jagapati Babu.

– Nela Ticket show started. Aditya Bhupati (Jagapati Babu) takes oath as Home Minister. Senior politician Sarath Babu (Jagapati Babu’s father) has a dream to start ‘Ananda Nilayam’, a huge orphanage in three thousand acres with his own money.

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Preview: Nela Ticket

Ravi Teja’s next ‘Nela Ticket‘ is only a several minutes away from the release and we are left wondering about the low buzz the movie has been carrying despite being helmed by a young director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala who gave two hits, recently.

The reason is Ravi Teja’s last release ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ which was a total washout. Therefore, low buzz and low expectations on ‘Nela Ticket’. So, everything will depend on the talk that would emerge from the premiere shows. If the movie offers the mass entertainment that is expected from Ravi Teja, it will work well.

‘Nela Ticket’ is coming as a mass entertainer after ‘Mahanati’ and ‘Mehbooba’ from a mass puller like Ravi Teja. This one would completely be a different one in the present times as this Summer there weren’t any mass entertainers that could satisfy the taste of the mass audiences.

The music of the movie was scored by ‘Fidaa’ fame Shakti Kanth and one must agree that the music is nowhere near ‘Fidaa’. However, being a mass fare, if the subject is good and entertains the audiences to the fullest, everything will sink in it quite effortlessly in the favour of the movie. Audiences will own it if done properly exploiting the image of the Mass Maharaja.

After a long gap, Ravi Teja came with ‘Raja The Great’ which really worked well at the box-office. But, his next poured waters on the success. At present, Ravi Teja needs a remarkable hit to improve his lost market for the openings. Will ‘Nela Ticket’ do that magic for him?

Wait for the genuine ‘Nela Ticket’ review from our mirchi9 team. Stay tuned, folks.