naruda-donaruda-movie-review-ratingsBOTTOM LINE
Misses Spark


‘U/A’ Certified.

SumanthWhat is the film about?
The film is the story of Vikram aka Vicky (Sumanth) who is a sperm donor. How his personal life is affected as a result of this profession is what the film is all about.

How is Sumanth’s performance?
Sumanth usually is a restrained actor but he went completely over the top in his last venture. Since the film was released more than two years ago and it was a failure not many know it. Simply put, Sumanth continues that act in Naruda Donaruda. It is in the over the top domain only slightly toned down. The actor largely confined to this action except during pre-climax sequences where he shows an emotional side.

director-mallik-ramDirection By Mallik Ram?
Ram Mallik gets a complete fresh subject to direct. All he has to do is remake the film carefully without spoiling the original. He does remake carefully but there are other problems which lets the film down.

First of all the film suffers from the basic problem which plagues all the remakes, nativity issue. Despite best efforts the feel of watching a local movie never comes. On top of that, the retention of certain characters and Bengali backdrop as it also makes things far away from our local feel. Still, as the basic concept itself is engaging one is connected to the proceedings. However, the problem of the original, final act, also turns a big problem in the remake as well. Things drag on and on before the climax happens. The climax is done well, though. Overall despite good intentions and honest attempt, the film fails to recreate the magic and lacks feel.

pallavi-subashPallavi Subash and others?
Pallavi Subhash looks really and brings freshness to the movie with her presence. But in terms of character sketch and acting, she looks like a clone of Sekhar Kammula heroine. The real highlight of the film, however, is Tanikella Bharani who gets a full-fledged entertaining role after a long time. Sri Lakshmi overacts. Suman Shetty is okay. Other artists present to give the unnatural feel.

music-director-sricharan-pakalaMusic and other departments?
Music by Sricharan Pakala is alright. It has the right intention and mood but the actual songs itself aren’t that memorable. They just sound well but lack soul. The cinematography is good in patches. Editing could have been better. A smooth flow is missing from time to time. Some dialogues are really good.

Fresh story

Lacks nativity
Drags in second half

suman-shettyAlternative Take
Although the original wasn’t perfect it still is better mounted and executed.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes, with reservations

Naruda Donoruda Review by Siddhartha Toleti