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Napoleon Review – Dull and Uninteresting

Napoleon Telugu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Dull and Uninteresting


‘U/A’ Certified
2 Hours 02 Minutes

Anand RaviWhat is the film Napoleon about?
Napoleon (Anand Ravi) comes to the police station with a complaint that he has lost his shadow. The police are baffled. He then reveals that a murder had occurred, which further deepens the mystery. Are the cops able to solve it? What did they find is what the film is all about?

How is Anand Ravi’s performance?
Anand Ravi is a one-dimensional actor who can state dialogues sincerely, that’s it. There are no other expressions. The film is more about talks which are delivered adequately. In scenes which require the actor to come out, he is blank.

Anand RaviDirection By Anand Ravi?
Anand Ravi is not only the actor but also the writer and director for the movie. It is clear that Anand Ravi has a flair for writing among three departments he has handled. The writing towers above everything, and following it are direction and acting a distant second and third place.

There is a decent content in the film. The screenplay is also neatly written, but the execution is weak. One never gets the thrills of basic concept or specific situation are meant to give. Many moments turn out lackluster due to the execution. It is not shoddy, as the director imparts a certain feel, but it is definitely dull. All the twists in the film are unimpressive in execution. Just cool background score isn’t enough to make a scene stand out.

The first half has few parts that are engaging. It is primarily due to few dialogues rather than the performances. Those exchanges coupled with few predictable, but well-written twists, make parts of the movie engaging. However, the narrative is inconsistent with an uneven mix of genres. In the end, Napoleon ends as a straightforward revenge drama which makes it a lost cause of creating something worthwhile, given how it started.

Komali VakalapudiKomali Vakalapudi and others?
There are no specific heroines in the movie. There are female leads who do their parts as per the requirements of the story. Komali’s performance is another example of direction failure. Ravi Varma gets a parallel lead, and he is fine. Kedar Sharma and other relatively unknown faces are apt for their parts.

Sidharth SadasivuniMusic and other departments?
The song coming while the titles roll is beautiful. Apart from that parts of background score by Siddharth Sadasivuni are engaging. The cinematography is decent. The editing should have been sharper. The dialogues are the standing out element in the movie.

Ravi VarmaHighlights?
Basic Concept
Short Length

Second Half
Uneven mix of genres

Kedar ShankarAlternative Take
The mythical set up of the film is unique. It should have been extended with a singular focus rather than going the revenge route.

Did I enjoy it?
Few parts

Will you recommend it?

Napoleon Review by Siddartha Toleti

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