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Riddled With Cliches


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 29 mins.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, Nannu Dochukunduvate Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film Nannu Dochukunduvate About?
Karthik (Sudheer Babu) is a workaholic whose only ambition is to go to the US and become a company head. Some unexpected circumstances bring him closer to Meghana (Nabha Natesh). Once Karthik realises that she is causing a disturbance, he distances from her. What happens to their relationship, in the end, is what the film is all about?

How Is Sudheer Babu’s Performance?
Sudheer Babu plays a strict boss with no emotions like a pro. He is really expressionless. He mistakes intensity with blank contrived stares and that is all we get until he starts interacting with the heroine. Finally, Sudheer Babu gets to his usual frequency. He is fine in the climax scene, but it was ill-advised to do that with a senior pro like Nassar. It makes Sudheer’s act come across as phoney.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, Nannu Dochukunduvate Movie Review, RatingsDirection by RS Naidu?
RS Naidu makes his debut with Nannu Dochukunduvate. Like most, if not all, of debutants in Telugu cinema, he picks a love story that is wafer thin. The idea is to generate emotions through the lead pair chemistry while engaging the audience with fresh comedy.

We have to say, RS Naidu successfully manages to hold the attention for the first half. The predictable cliches are tweaked and a fun narrative is maintained. It is largely due to heroine and her chirpy and infectious characterization. Even though everything happens on predictable lines, we are engaged.

The trouble starts at the pre-interval moment when the routine is dealt routinely without any fresh take on it. And that continues in the same vein in the second half. Every small twist that occurs is a cliche and the director tries to cover it with comedy. It doesn’t feel organic and feels inserted into the narrative.

The hero and heroine realizing love, the misunderstanding and the abrupt marriage stoppage and happy ending, everything is seen before and there is nothing unique or fresh here. The one brief emotional moment between father and son feels like it is from a different movie as everything else that happens in their track doesn’t deal with those issues or their problems. The hero character would have been a lot better if this conclusion was better developed in the rest of the film.

Overall, an entertaining first half raises hopes but the second half syndrome strikes big time. It is still at passable levels for those who love romantic outings, but for others, it would be frustrating. If you have nothing else to do this weekend give Nannu Dichukunduvate a try. You won’t be missing any significant if you haven’t either.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, Nannu Dochukunduvate Movie Review, RatingsNabha Natesh and Others?
Nabha Natesh is another nice addition to the list of heroines who have perfected a bubbly, cute and emotional act. She is lovely in the first half and is the reason for the engaging narrative. Nassar gets a decent role after a gap and he is good as one expects from him. There are few known faces throughout the narrative like Pruthvi, Chalapathi Rao, Ravi Varma, Sudarshan, Thulasi etc but none have an impactful presence.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, Nannu Dochukunduvate Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Music by Ajaneesh B Loknath is decent. A couple of numbers are lovely, but the key second half has lacklustre songs. The background score is okay. The cinematography is adequate and so is the editing. The writing is fine in parts.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, Nannu Dochukunduvate Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?
Nabha Natesh
First Half

Routine Story
Drags In Parts
Second Half

NassarAlternative Take
Avoiding the cliched path of the second half, especially the very routine misunderstanding segment, and replacing it with some fresh block would have helped the second half a lot.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?
Yes but with reservations

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

Nannu Dochukunduvate has a weak and predictable story. It’s an okay movie, in the end, due to few comedy and sensible scenes but that’s about it. Visit back for our frank and detailed review soon.

– After a small incident Karthik realizes all his misunderstandings. The movie is heading towards Climax.

– Karthik is struggling between his career goals and his love interest.

– Karthik requests Meghana to attend a wedding with him in Vijayawada. They stay in a hotel in different rooms.

– Nannu Dochukunduvate second half started. Meghana started missing Karthik.

First Half Report:

Nannu Dochukunduvate first half has a very familiar love setup and offers mild entertainment. So far, the movie is average. Stay tuned for the final report.

– Karthik realizes that he lost his focus and getting side tracked from his career goal of going to the US after he met Meghana. After a small twist it’s time for interval.

– After that acting stint as lovers Karthik and Meghana is getting closer.

– In the process of acting as Siri, Meghana getting closer to Karthik’s father Nassar.

– Meghana (Nabha Natesh), a short film artist agrees the deal to act as Karthik’s girl friend Siri. Meghana is trying to impress Karthik’s father Nassar as Siri.

– Karthik runs into a marriage proposal issue within his family. He says he is in love with Siri to manage the situation. He is now looking for someone to act as his lover Siri.

– Karthik’s goal is to go to US for a better career. He commits to deliver a big project in less time in his office.

– Nannu Dochukunduvate show started. Karthik (Sudheer Babu) is a super strict boss and his staff is crying over his strict work culture.

Nannu Dochukunduvate US premier live updates will begin from 6 pm EST (3.30 am IST).

Sudheer Babu’s Nannu Dochukundhuvate is going to release in a few hours from now. The movie happens to be his maiden production venture and the recently released trailer gives a decent feel about the film. The actor’s last film, Sammohanam is an average result at the box office. Except for that, it has been a long time since the hard-working actor had any success. It has to be seen if will get a break with his maiden production venture.

Nabha Natesh, the Kannada Actress is making her Telugu debut with this movie which is being directed by a debutant RS Naidu. If the newcomer is able to handle the film well, it is expected to do well at the box office given the fact that it has no competition except for Vikram’s Saamy which is carrying low buzz and Naga Chaitanya’s Shailaja Reddy Alludu which is in its second week.

Sudheer Babu’s US Box Office:

Sammohanam $61 K (premiers), $542 K (Total gross)

Bhale Manchi Roju $132 K (Total Gross)