nandini-nursing-homeBOTTOM LINE
Missing the thrill


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 32 mins.

naveen-vijay-krishnaWhat is the film about?
Chandu is desperately in need of work. Thanks to a little help from his friend he gets work as a doctor in a reputed hospital. Strange things are also simultaneously happening in the hospital and it worries everyone in the hospital. How Chandrasekhar uncovers the mystery is what the film is about.

How is Naveen’s performance?
Keeping looks aside which needs to be further groomed, Naveen has made a decent debut with the film. it is a typical fun-filled hero outing that has an emotional past which brings emotional connect with it. In terms of characterization and writing, Naveen has got a good part. He could have made much more with it but still the way it is, is also fine.

director-pv-giriDirection By Giri?
PV Giri has a nice story in hand and also screenplay. All he had to do was execute the film properly and with emotions. Then there is also this challenge to make it commercially viable, so comedy has to be inserted into it.

The director makes almost a perfect mixture of all those ingredients in the screenplay. The problem comes with the conclusion of these respective threads and in maintaining a single cohesive narration. Multiple genres are running in the narrative like a sweet little love story in the flashback, a slapstick comedy in the hospital and a ghost, horror angle with thriller elements.

The issue, therefore, is despite containing engaging portions, they all don’t come well as a whole give that knockout punch. The solid impact is missing and that’s where the film fails. Sticking to a single cohesive narrative would have made this film a far better one. Still, as it is this is an okay affair if you have time to kill. The direction is good overall, it is the non-cohesive screenplay that fails.

nithya-nareshNithya Naresh and others?
Nithya and Sravya have both given decent roles in the film and they have done alright jobs. Jayaprakash is fine, in a role that mostly stays in the background. The real screamers of the film are the comic trio Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, and Sapthagiri. Although vulgarity is on display it is still funny. The whole block involving Vennela Kishore in the hospital is hilarious. Others artists appearing in small parts fit the roles.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Achu is decent. The background score is good. Editing in nice but the cinematography could have been better. Dialogues are alright.

Comedy despite vulgarity
Vennela Kishore


Main lead casting
Non-cohesive screenplay
Predictable and cheesy conclusion

shakalaka-shankarAlternative Take
Not an alternative take for the given but film but an example of how it should have been. The film Vaishali offers the perfect example of this subject should have been dealt with.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts, throughout

Will you recommend it?
With lots of reservations

Nandini Nursing Home Review by Siddhartha