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Gripping Ride



Sundeep-KishanWhat is the film about?
Four different stories, intertwined with each other. How they all end is what the film is all about.

How is Sundeep Kishan’s performance?
Since this is an ensemble cast movie, Sundeep Kishan is just one of the players doing his bit. Sundeep Kishan is good and apt for the role but it’s nothing special. He shows his intense side in few moments which is the best thing about his performance.

Director-Lokesh-KanagarajDirection By Lokesh Kanagaraj ?
Lokesh Kanakaraju makes his debut with the movie but one never feels the inexperience in dealing the complicated narrative. It is very neatly and smoothly done. The four threads are seamlessly integrated into one another.

The problem with multiple narrative movies is many times there is a weak thread among them which pulls down the other, it halts the momentum build by other stories. That is not a problem here as the screenplay is such that the weaker or predictable things are handled in a short and swift way. The film begins slowly but midway in the first half, things fall into place and the gripping narration is maintained until the end. The climax is good as well which makes it all worthwhile. The only real problem with the movie is the length and the missing nativity that is also an integral part of the story. The film could have been racier with a little bit of trimming.

Regina-CassandraRaegina Cassandra and others?
The film is filled with good performances. Regina has a small role and she is good in that brief part. Sri is fine in a one-dimensional role. The real highlight of the movie performance wise is actor Ramdoss. He is a scene stealer and the movie gets really interesting whenever he is around. The rest of the cast is equally good even though they have small parts.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
There are no songs in typical style. There is a background score running throughout and it is neat. The cinematography is good. Editing is sharp. Dialogues are good and dubbed feeling is not felt.


Slow at times

charlieAlternative Take
As far as multi narrative films go, this is a fine example of how to do it right.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Nagaram Review by Siddartha Toleti