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Ram Charan in Nayak Review

Routine plot executed well.

160.00 Minutes

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What is ‘Naayak’ about?
Naayak ReviewNaayak is the story of Cherry, a software Engineer in Hyderabad. Due to some reasons, he is blamed for some mysterious killings and attempts on a Kolkata Minister (Pradeep Rawat). A special CBI team begins hunting him. On the other side, his uncle Jilebi (Brahmanandham) enters in a tussle with a local goon Gandipeta Babji. In the process of saving Jilebi, Cherry falls for the don’s sister Madhu (Kajal). The story takes a sudden twist in the interval bang. What is it? What happens next forms the actual story.

Is it a complete Ram Charan film?
VV Vinayak is one director who knows the pulse of mass and fans very well. He made sure he got all the elements right. Dances in Laila o Laila and Title song will drive the fans crazy. Charan’s voice modulation improved greatly.

Naayak Review
How is VV Vinayak’s direction?
Deemed as one of the biggest mass directors in Tollywood, Vinayak identifies all the elements required in commercial point of view and gets them perfect. But in all his recent outings, he seem to be missing out the novelty in story department. His stories gets routine and predictable, Naayak is no different. But his execution stands out as usual.

Naayak Review3What about Kajal, Amala Paul and others?
Kajal is cute and looked pretty on the screen. Her performance is satisfactory and the chemistry between the lead pair looked good. Amala Paul is limited for a little role and 2 songs. She looked good though. Brahmi as Jilebi, Jaya Prakash Reddy as Rahul Dev’s Pedanana, MS Narayana as lip reading specialist and Posani as a criminal in Kolkata worked out well in managing laughter.


Naayak Review
How is Music, Songs and Dances?
Thaman’s re-recording is too good and worked out big time in elevating the scenes. Excellent dances of Charan, scenic locations had worked wonders for the already chart buster audio.

How is the Cinematography?
Chota K. Naidu’s camera work is wonderful as always. The entire movie is colourful with excellent grading. He captured the scenic beauty of Iceland wonderfully.

Naayak Review

What are the highlights?
1. Comedy by Brahmi and Jaya Prakash Reddy
2. Interval Bang
3. Songs shot in Icelands
4. Charan’s dances in Laila o laila and Hey Naayak songs

Any Drawbacks?
1. Routine and predictable story
2. Pale climax
3. Too much of violence and rope work in fights.
4. Charmee item song is a let down.

Naayak ReviewWhat about its box office prospects?
Even though, the movie offers nothing new in terms of story. Vinayak had managed to struck chord with certain commercial elements which are expected from mass entertainers. That should be enough for the movie to do well with the masses in the festive seasons.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes…Not bad.

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