Naalo Okkadu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Soulless remake.


“U” Certified, 130 Mins.

Siddharth Naalo Okkadu ReviewWhat is the film about?
One man’s life is the dream of other. Who is that ‘real’ person in this dream world is what this simple yet complicated film is all about.

How is Siddharth’s performance?
Hero Siddharth has dual role in the film that if a common man and a Superstar. Siddharth looks and behaves like a star with a natural flair but he fails big time when it comes to common man. Since the film requires the common man aspect importantly this failure also leads to the failure of the film.

Prasad Ramar Naalo Okkadu ReviewDirection By Prasad Ramar?
Prasad Raman gets a difficult subject to execute in his debut film itself. The difficulty lies in narrating a complicated subject in the most simple and unburdened way. The director failure therefore lies in making the film heavy and uninteresting. The worse part is that this lack of interest starts from the very beginning itself.

There are moments cinematically that come together very well with good music cinematography but such moments are few and far between all the boredom.

Deepa Sannidhi Naalo Okkadu ReviewDeepa Sannidhi and others performance?
Deepa Sannidhi makes good debut in the film performance wise. She is effective in both parts without having to go overboard in either roles. Apart from her there is a Naren playing the trusted manager and a theater owner with pride. He is fine in both the roles given to him.

Santhosh Narayan Naalo Okkadu ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Santosh Narayanan was a major highlight of the Tamil film. It however loses the impact in Telugu due to the lyrics. Luckily the background score which doesn’t have any such boundaries soars to great high and remains the strongest pillar holding the film together. Editing lacks the sharpness of the original Kannada version. Cinematography is good. Dialogues are okay.

Highlights Naalo Okkadu ReviewHighlights?

Lead actor common man get up and performance.
Slow pace.

Drawbacks Naalo Okkadu ReviewAlternative take:
Well in this case we have a far better Kannada original. Do give it a try.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Naalo Okkadu Review by Siddhartha