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‘A’ Certified, 2h 5m

Sailesh Sunny - Mr And Miss Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Shiva and Sashi, are an unlikely pair to fall in love. But, they do fall in love. How it happens and what happens afterwards is what the movie is all about?

How Is Sailesh’s Performance?
Sailesh Sunny plays the lead in the movie. For a newcomer, he exhibits tremendous confidence. He has done well in the limited capability presented to him. There is an ease in his body language, which can’t be missed. Also, the confidence in the dialogue delivery is evident.

However, the movie doesn’t offer him much beyond the surface level of emotions. A glimpse of real drama happens in the second half, and Sailesh fails in those portions.

Ashok - Mr And Miss Telugu Movie ReviewDirection by Ashok ?
Ashok Reddy directs Mr. & Miss. It consists of a wafer-thin story and rests on small moments to pull off the narrative. Did he manage to that?

The beginning of the film gives us an idea of how the film is going to be. The setup, the talk and the urban values are all there which we see a lot in the latest Telugu movies set in this space.

The actors, the situation and the proceedings are perfect initially. It is as if the director knows the stuff inside out related to the modern relationship. It shows in the writing and the execution. The contrast between an urban girl and small-town guy is well brought out.

The first half of the movie has very little concerning the story, but it nonetheless manages to engage. At a point, one even gets a feeling that this could end up as a beautiful love story set in a city-centric world. The music and background score has got a lot to do with it.

Unfortunately, the whole high comes crashing down at the interval mark when the conflict arrives. One hopes that there is something more to it. Sadly, that is not the case.

The second half takes an entirely different turn regarding the story. It focuses on a single track which is similar to a recently releases movie on OTT. The fact that the OTT film is better in that aspect makes Mr & Miss, a disastrous experience.

The second half of the film is an extraordinary collapse from what the movie projected in the first. The whole thing revolving around a ‘phone’ is tiring and stretched beyond the limit for a big screen affair. It still would have been fine if there was a more extensive scope. But, here we are stuck with the two leads. It gives the feeling of a short film extended for movie vibe.

The ending, after all that happens in the second half, seems a relief. It is okay compared to everything else that is disastrous.

Overall, Mr & Miss has a decent first half but loses track entirely in the second half. Given a chance, one should watch half of the movie, which entertains on the digital platform. As far as theatrical viewing is considered, it could be ignored.

Gnaneshwari KandregulaGnaneshwari Kandregula and Others?
Gnaneshwari Kandregula is superb as the female lead for the character she has been given. She is a perfect representation of the stereotype presented in the movie. Also, an urban and matured woman, she does a fine job both in terms of the act and looks. The character takes a nosedive in the second half. But, that is more because it has been etched rather than acted.

Among the supporting parts, the actor playing the hero’s friend is a standout. He shines in whichever scene he is present. The rest don’t register, at all.

Music Director Yashwanth NagMusic and Other Departments?
The music and background score by Yashwanth Nag is terrific. They are the lifeline of the movie. The first half primarily owes a lot to the music, which literally the narrative forward. The cinematography is decent for a low budget fare. Some frames are lovely. The editing is fine.

Music And BGM
First Half
Lead Pair Chemistry (First Half)

Entire Second Half

Alternative Take
The entire story in the second half should be condensed to a block or two. The focus should be on extending the climax emotions through different segments. In this way, the narrative would have come across as a whole instead of giving the feeling of two separate films.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, Parts of the First Half

Will You Recommend It?

Review by Siddartha

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