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Majnu Shines Laila Fails


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 25 mins

Mr Majnu Movie Review, Mr Majnu 2019 Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Vicky’s(Akhil Akkineni) free-spirited nature goes for a toss and he feels suffocated when Nicky (NidhhiAgerwal) starts to love him. The relationship ends up with a predictable breakup. How Vicky realises the love and wins Nicky back is what the film is all about?

How Is Akhil’s Performance?
In his third attempt, Akhil seems to find a groove. It is the same that he did in Hello but on a full-fledged level from start to end. As he is new to the terrain, there is a certain amount of freshness which works to his advantage. The dressing and overall stylish presentation are good. He is also fine in dances and action sequences.

Having said that, Akhil is still raw and one can feel that onscreen. There are many small moments that could be elevated with neat timing. The effort is there but one gets a feeling that there is still a long way to go. Many small sequences could be made further engaging if that timing is developed. On the emotional acting front, there is hardly anything in the movie except the climax sequence. He needs to improve on that aspect as well. The positive to take away from Mr Majnu is that Akhil did not spoil the various moments that were present. These will start to make count once he gets to do many more movies going forward. It is alright for now.

Mr Majnu Movie Review, Mr Majnu 2019 Telugu Movie ReviewDirection by Aenky Atluri?
Mr Majnu is Venky Atluri‘s second film after Tholi Prema. The confidence of a successful director is visible, but on the downside, Mr Majnu looks too much like a Tholi Prema. There is a difference between director touch (or style) and attempting something different. This one has everything of the former and nothing of the later. It makes one feel if they are watching and extended universe of Tholi Prema.

To be frank, even an extended universe is also not a problem, if the story offers something fresh and there is a novelty factor. Mr Majnu totally lacks in that aspect.

For what it is, Venky Atluri has done a decent job. The story is wafer thin but it has been packaged well. The first half especially breezes past with that feeling of freshness. Again, the issue here is it gives too much dejavu of Tholi Prema. If one can get past that, the first half is a pretty engaging watch.

The problem creeps up in the second half where the narrative moves in circles causing uneasiness and irritation. We know ultimately where it is headed to which means the screenplay has to be gripping so that we are glued to the proceedings and see ‘how’ it reaches that predictable end. That’s where Mr Majnu falters. It doesn’t help that one doesn’t feel anything for the girl whom the hero is trying endlessly to win. The way the pre-interval was built up, one feels sympathetic to the boy (the hero) instead of the heroine. From that position, the turn around of the lead character is not convincingly done.

By the time the climax arrives, there is a total disconnect and the feeling is just to get things done with as soon as possible and spare us further torture. It is never good to get such reaction for a love story. Fireworks should have exploded for the kissing moment in the climax instead we get a small sparkle.

In the whole, Mr Majnu is more of Tholi Prema universe with less heart and emotional fulfilment. It is just like the audio review we wrote, as a standalone (with no Tholi Prema comparison) this might have got a better reaction but with the inevitable comparison, Mr Majnu falls short. It is a passable film on its own.

Mr Majnu Movie Review, Mr Majnu 2019 Telugu Movie ReviewNidhhi Agerwal and Others?
Nidhi Agerwal has got a dream, yet an immensely difficult, role for an actress. So much of the movie hangs on her act, and unfortunately, she misses the bus. Since it is majorly not about the chemistry between leads (remember only in the end do they romantically mingle) and more to do with making the audience feel for her omnipresent love, it gets complicated to act that out. The failure in convincing her love is the failure of the film itself. The rest if the cast is the usual names like Rao Ramesh, Pavitra Lokesh, Jayaprakash, Subbaraju, Nagababu, and Priyadarshi etc. They all do their parts well. Vidyulleka doesn’t get anything memorable.

Music-Director-ThamanMusic and Other Departments?
Music and background score by SS Thaman is again awesome. They perfectly gel well in the narrative and give the required high. The cinematography is excellent. The editing is neat. The writing is good.

Mr Majnu Movie Review, Mr Majnu 2019 Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Music and BGM
Fresh Packaging
First Half

No Emotional Connect
Heroine Characterization
Second Half

Mr Majnu Movie Review, Mr Majnu 2019 Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Maybe introducing two different characters in the second half and making our lead characters realise the love they have for each other. It has been done before but given the characterization, it could have worked out well here.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?
With huge reservations

Mr Majnu Movie Review by Siddartha

Mr Majnu Review Ratings

Final Report:

The flimsy plot shows its effect in the second half which feels stretched and lengthy. Still, Mr Majnu isn’t bad and ends up as a passable watch. Akhil shines in a role that doesn’t demand heavy action. More on Mr Majnu in our honest review later. Visit back for our frank review soon.

– After an emotional episode Mr Majnu comes to an end. Final report shortly.

– Vikky (Akhil) and Nikki’s love story coming to an end.

– Vikky (Akhil) is trying to impress Nikki.

– Mr Majnu second half started with the song “Yemainado”. Vikky (Akhil) started missing Nikki.

First Half Report:

Venki Atluri succeeds in bringing Tholi Prema touch i.e. freshly packaging a simple and predictable story. Akhil as Vikky dominated everyone with his style and charm. No issues with the first half by and large. It’s all up to second half now.

– A small disturbance in the love story. Interval.

– Nikky falls in love with Vikky. Chic magnet Vikky (Akhil) agrees for a two months dating commitment with her.

– Family bonding scenes between Rao Ramesh and Akhil came out well. The first situational fight has been choreographed very well and Akhil fits the bill.

– Vikky (Akhil) and Nikky (Nidhhi Agerwal) bump into each other in a family connection. Both are in India for a family wedding.

– Chic magnet Vikky (Akhil) makes a simple and stylish entry. “Mr. Majnu” title track is alright.

– Mr Majnu show started in foreign. Nikky (Nidhhi Agerwal)’s relatives looking for an arranged match for her. She wants a husband who has qualities of lord Rama.

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Akhil Akkineni, one of the most popular star kids is literally on the verge of anxiously awaiting the release of his third movie ‘Mr Majnu‘. ‘Mr Majnu’ has decent audio rendered by SS Thaman and Venky Atluri at the helm of the things as the director of the movie. This movie is very crucial for Akhil who began his innings with a disaster.

He came with a star league hype but the performance of his debut movie ‘Akhil‘ has left him in a critical position though his second movie was decent critically but not a hit movie box-office wise. This Mr Majnu is coming with a positive vibe mainly because of the credits of Venky Atluri who delivered a decent love story ‘Tholi Prema’ with his first outing. The director was the best choice for the young hero given his present status.

Venky Atluri’s debut movie is the reason why the trade has certain expectations on this movie, even. The trailer of the movie was decent and there are positive vibes on the movie. Though the hype isn’t great, word of mouth from the early shows will make the movie if the content is decent and entertaining enough, this post-Sankranthi season.

Music is the heart of any love story and SS Thaman gave a decent album for ‘Mr Majnu’ though not a memorable one like ‘Tholi Prema’ album. However, the visuals may add more appeal to the pleasant music. Coming to Akhil, he is the most anxious person on board and has agreed on the same in one of the promotional interviews.

The stage is all set and this is the time for him to prove his talent by delivering a successful movie. Here, success counts and nothing else. Hope, he will get the much-needed break with ‘Mr Majnu’. The pre-release business of the movie is moderate as Venky-Varun’s ‘F2: Fun & Frustration’ is still making merry at the box-office. But, it wouldn’t be a problem to add theatres if word of mouth emerges decent for Akhil’s movie.

Is luck ready to shine on Akhil, this time? Did Venky Atluri repeat his magic, once again? Let’s find out. Keep watching this space for Mr Majnu review from mirchi9 team. Stay tuned, folks!