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Bland And Boring


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 01 mins

Mr KK Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Vasu (Abu Haasan) is a junior doctor who has recently joined a Malaysian hospital. He has a pregnant wife. What happens when a stranger kidnaps his wife Aatirah (Akshara Haasan) to get Mr KK (Vikram) out of the hospital? Why Mr KK is on the most wanted list of police officers and gangsters is what the movie is all about?

How Is Vikram’s Performance?
Vikram plays a role that is walk in the park for him. It would have been okay if he played it similarly but, that is not the case. One gets a feeling that he is going through the motions to complete it as soon as possible.

Apart from a few montage shots and decent fight scene, there is not even a single memorable ‘acting’ moment to look back. There is nothing terrible; however, there is nothing to recollect it either. Only the get-up looks stylish, and the body in general looks fit. These make for lovely posters, and that’s it.

Director Rajesh M SelvaDirection by Rajesh M Selva?
Director Rajesh M is back with a new outing after Cheekati Rajyam. His second attempt is also a remake like the first one. Another similarity is the proceedings taking place in a single day. It was one night in Cheekati Rajyam and now it’s a single day in Mr KK.

Story-wise the movie is packed with enough thrills to keep the audience engaged. However, Rajesh M fails in execution. The pacing of the film is off, and he fails to provide an engaging narrative. The various twists fail to register in the mundane and uninteresting way the whole things unfold.

The ‘bromance’ between the two male leads, Vikram and Abi Haasan is missing, which was so essential for the narrative to click. We don’t really care about what happens to main leads, neither do we get head and tail about what is happening with the basic story. The simplicity in the understanding of the proceedings is missing. It is needlessly made to feel complicated.

The first and second half has the same issues a far as narrative is considered. So, if one loses interest at the start itself chances of getting engaged to the rest of the happenings are slim. The climax too is dragged unnecessarily, and some of the shots get very repetitive as well.

Overall, Mr KK is a bland remake of a perfectly good and engaging original thriller Point Blank. As there is nothing novel on offer from Vikram, the actor, there simply is no motivation to recommend it at all.

Akshara HaasanAkshara Haasan and Others?
Akshara Haasan is the only female member of the cast who has got a semblance of a role. She is wasted, after putting an endearing act initially. It is Abi Haasan on debut who get a proper parallel to the hero. He too fails to make an impact as so much of the act appears one-dimensional. However, his scenes with Akshara have come out well and do help in getting an emotional connection at the start.

The rest of the cast lacks known faces and appear randomly at various points. They add to the chaos regarding the happenings. The characters given to Siddhartha and Vikas had a lot of scope, but are ultimately rendered useless.

Music Director -GhibranMusic and Other Departments?
Ghibran once delivers on the background score front. It brings energy wherever necessary. But, it is eventually a wasted effort. The cinematography is excellent in parts. The editing needed to be way better to give a crispier runtime. The writing is below par.

Abhi HassanHighlights?

Muddled Narrative
Not Engaging

LenaAlternative Take
A Hollywood remake (Point Blank) or the original French film has been released on Netflix recently. It isn’t great but is much better entertainment-wise.

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