MLA Review – MLA Becomes MP (Most Predictable)

MLA Movie Review

MLA Becomes MP (Most Predictable)


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 40 mins.

Kalyan RamWhat Is the Film About?
Kalyan (Kalyan Ram) loves Indu (Kajal). However, there is a small problem here as the father in law agrees to marry them only if Kalyan becomes an MLA. How he fulfills the wish by overthrowing Gadappa (Ravi Kishan) is what the film is all about?

How Is Kalyan Ram’s Performance?
Kalyan Ram is fine playing a role that allows him to play to the galleries. His character is the typical hero part where there is nothing else apart from it. Kalyan Ram tries his best and succeeds partially. The feeling of working too hard is also visible which is the downside.

Upendra MadhavDirection by Upendra Madhav?
Upendra Madhav making debut with MLA has a very routine subject at hand. He follows the regular formula of spicing up the proceedings with over the top comedy and contrived emotions. He succeeds partially but fails mostly.

The first half of MLA is weak barring one block before intermission. Even that part works only because of how outrageous it is and the way it ends. The interval bang is decent.

The second half of the movie starts on a predictable note as one would expect. Everything goes as one would anticipate until another small stretch happens which is engaging. The entertainment factor and emotions even though loud, work partially. The pre-climax and climax are passable, at best as the villain looks like a joke by that time. There is also the sheer predictability that also becomes an issue.

Overall, MLA has two decent blocks that work well keeping the ‘routine’ commercial sensibilities in mind. The rest even in that terrain, are weak making MLA a below average to average at best in the end.

Kajal AggarwalKajal Aggarwal and Others?
Kajal gets a regular heroine role in a big movie. Although the story might seem like centered on her, she has very little to do. Ravi Kishan does his part with usual fervour. Posani looks tired and uninterested. Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore lack the spark. Prudhvi is fab in few scenes. The rest of the actors have nothing much to do.

music-director-mani-sharmaMusic and Other Departments?
Music by veteran Mani Sharma is alright. The background score is where he scores though. The cinematography is decent. Editing should have been better. The dialogues are passable.

Few Comedy Scenes
Interval Block
Parts of second half

Weak Comedy
Contrived Emotion
Predictable Screenplay

Posani-Krishna-MuraliAlternative Take
Keeping the commercial setup fully in mind, better comedy blocks would have made the movie a entertaining watch.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
With huge reservation

MLA Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

MLA is an average flick. Though it’s routine and predictable, second half could have been better. Visit back for our frank and detailed review shortly.

– Counting of votes begins, story reaches climax.

– MLA Gadappa agrees to resign and goes for election on Kalyan Ram (no strong logic here). The election war is on.

– Second half starts with a challenge. Kalyan Ram has to contest in election and win against sitting MLA Gadappa (Ravi Kishan) to marry Kajal.

First Half Report:

MLA has a passable first half. Posani as womanizer, Brahmi as lawyer Pattabhi takes care of the comedy along with Kalyan Ram. Kajal’s screen presence helps. Overall, though it’s routine, MLA first half is decent.

– Good interval bang with Kajal (Indu) revealing something unexpected which sets a base for the second half.

– Brahmanandam as lawyer Pattabhi helping Kalyan Ram and Kajal to get a property from Ajay.

– Kalyan Ram falls in love with Kajal  (Indu). Kalyan Ram and Vennela Kishore works under Posani who’s taking the advantage of Kajal’s father company.

– Kalyan Ram introduces himself as Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai (MLA), helps his sister Lasya marry Vennela Kishore without parents approval. He moves to Bengaluru with newly Weds.

– MLA show started with Gaddappa (Ravi Kishan) winning MLA election in Veerabadhrapuram (Anantapur).

Preview: MLA Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai

In some cases, right from the title announcement, everything seems to be going with the flow. When the beginning is good, everything else seems to be in sync. ‘MLA‘ started with a right note right from the announcement of the title and continued the same till now, i.e., till the release of the trailer.

Kalyan is comparatively good and there is a visible difference in his dialogue delivery and body language, this time. His last hit was ‘Pataas’, a mass entertainer. Being a mass entertainer ‘MLA’ is expected to repeat ‘Pataas’ magic for obvious reasons.

The foremost reason is the music. Songs are good for Kalyan Ram and for a mass entertainer, BGM is going to be the soul. One can be, rest assured as there is master composer Mani Sharma who is good at scoring first-rate background score that will help a lot for this kind of films.

Having Kajal Agarwal on board is also another plus for this movie. The trailer, Kalyan Ram’s energy and dialogues and the songs had set the right tone and right expectations for this Summer entertainer. Let’s see if ‘MLA’ makes us forget ‘ISM’ and ‘Sher’ that disappointed the audiences after ‘Pataas’.

‘MLA’ is coming at the time when audiences are hungry for entertainment with no entertaining releases in the past couple of weeks. Even a moderate stuff will positive word of mouth from the masses can work wonders for Kalyan Ram. Hope, the debutante director Upendra Madhav will live up to the expectations he had created with the trailer content.

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