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Unbearable Mister


U/A Certified, 1 hour 59 minutes.

Varun-TejWhat is the film ‘Mister‘ about?
Chai (Varun Tej) finding true love amidst million problems and fights. This what the movie is all about to put it in simple terms.

How is Varun Tej’s performance?
Varun Tej has a very bulky frame physically, it works to his advantage on screen in certain ways. But when not shown properly it can be a great put off too. In Mister there are moments where one feels the latter. Leaving that aside, as a performer Varun Tej has done better in his previous films compared to Mister. If seen as a ‘star’ outing Mister is below par.

Director-Srinu-VaitlaDirection By Srinu Vaitla?
Before the release of the movie Srinu Vaitla gave a clear indication of what to expect from the movie. One can see all that in Mister only it lacks any excitement. And the reason for that is the story more than anything.

Mister has one of the worst stories for a big film in recent past. It’s predictable from the word go and goes on and on till the end. One can predict entire screenplay too before the actual thing unfolds on the big screen. It is that bad. When one has such bad story and screenplay there is nothing else the actor’s or director can do to make it work. At best there can be an engaging portion and that is what we get in Mister. First half has few engaging moments but second half is downright stupid and boring.

Lavanya-TripathiLavanya, Hebah and others?
Lavanya Tripathi looks good and acts well in what little she has got. Hebah Patel looks okay and acts poorly in the character she has been given. The small segment involving Srinivas Reddy and Raghubabu is good. Rajesh is fine in few scenes but is wasted overall. Prudhvi is alright. Apart from them there is a huge cast but no one manages to make an impact.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Mickey J Mayer is below par. The background score is weak too. The cinematography is neat. Editing is not that sharp. Dialogues are good in bits and pieces.

Few comedy punches

Second half

Comedian RajeshAlternative Take
Same like any film with routine plots, the comedy blocks must be sharp and carry punchy dialogues. Little less convoluted plot could also help it in a big way.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Mister Review by Siddhartha Toleti

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Final Half Report: Comedy works better in first half in comparison to the second half of the movie. Triangle love element gets preachy at times, neither sentiment nor entertainment works well in second half. Overall Mister is just a below average to average flick at the best. Watch out for our review.

– The second half gets over tedious and preachy with logicless love sacrifices in triangle love story.

First Half Report: Average first half.

Clean entertainment is a plus. Comedy works in parts. First half has very routine family setup and love backdrop. Oopiri spoof by Raghu Babu and 30 years industry Prudvi as director adds humor. Never ending pre-interval action episode tests patience. Overall it’s an average first half.

– Comedian 30 years industry Prudvi comedy works in parts if not great. Jabardasth comedian along with Prudvi worked well in few scenes.
– Raghu Babu’s Oopiri movie spoof is just okay one. It’s not a hilarious one or bad either.
– Srinivas Reddy comedy works in parts if not great.
– Movie starts in village backdrop but quickly moves to abroad. Varun falls in love with Hebah Patel quickly. Foreign kid speaks in Telugu brings some laughs. Satyam Rajesh acts as a Chai’s (Varun Tej) friend, used him for comedy but didn’t click much.

– Mister show started with Srinu Vaitla’s voice over introducing the story. Shows starts with Senior actor Nassar’s Karra fight looks very unconvincing for his age.

– Mister US Premiers gross reported $35 K which is decent for Varun Tej.

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Mister Movie Preview:

Three films old Varun Tej seems to be meticulously planning his career differently choosing different geners. His fourth movie ‘Mister’ looks slightly different from the previous three. The reason is director Srinu Vaitla at the helm of the things.

Varun Tej, though a fresh face choosing differently, he needs to score a big hit to become a bankable mega hero. As Varun Tej is relying on performance-oriented roles, he needs to come out with a solid performance to make a mark in the industry as a powerful lead actor.

Thus, ‘Mister’ is luring mega fans to hope something really big for the young hero. A decent commercial success is awaited from the hero. When Srinu Vaitla is handling ‘Mister’ for Varun Tej, his previous disasters are haunting his reputation, big time.

Especially, Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ taught him a big lesson that audiences can’t be taken for granted with an insensible cocktail of comedy sequences and mockery.

‘Bruce Lee’ didn’t help him much to make a come back to his successful saga. He couldn’t give a success to one of the mega heroes. But, he got a second chance in the form of ‘Mister’ for another mega hero. This is great opportunity for the director to return to his form and prove many things which had been targeting him.

Let’s come to the ‘starters’ that were served to us, i.e., the promos of the film. The trailer of ‘Mister’ was promising. Lavanya Tripati and Hebah Patel looked really cool and may add flavour to the film, by all means, if they had good roles.

Though ‘Kanche‘ was moderate, he definitely needs a commercial movie that could score a commercial success. However, the director is reeling under pressures because of some of the personal controversies and also for being in a bad phase, all time low in his career. Will he bounce back?

This film is important for both the director and the hero. What is in store for the audiences who are expecting a perfect entertainer from the combo? Let’s wait and see. Watch out for ‘Mister’ review shortly.