Mirchi Movie Review

Mirchi Movie Review

Prabhas is so HOT guru!

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What is  “MIRCHI” about?

Mirchi is the story of Jai (Prabhas) who works as an architect. He is happy go lucky youth who enjoys life to the fullest. He falls in love with Manasa (Richa Gangopadhyay) and on her request, he comes back to India. And there he wins the hearts of Manasa’s family and finally when they accept it, he reveals his past related to Vennala – Vennu (Anushka) who is the sister-in-law of Prabhas. Things turn topsy turvy from then. What is the bitter past between Vennela and Manasa’s family? And what happens next forms the actual story.
Prabhas in Mirchi Review

Is it a one man show by Prabhas?
You will see Prabhas in two different looks in the movie. In first half you will see him very thin and lost lot of weight and in second half flash back episode you will him in normal look. Koratala Siva had concentrated well on Prabhas. He took utmost care on his looks and costumes and manged a ubercool look. The dialogues penned for him are also powerful. Prabhas had also come a long way as a hero. His body language looked very confident and dialogue delivery improved a lot.

Koratala Siva in Mirchi Review

How is Koratala Shiva direction?
Koratala Siva is one of the established writers in Tollywood. He had picked up a script which had shades of several movies like Athidhi, Bhadra, Dammu etc. He had penned some very powerful dialogues which excite fans. But as a director, he failed to come out convincingly. The movie goes on with out any excitement and becomes more predictable towards the climax.

Anushka in Mirchi Review

What about Anushka, Richa and others?
Anushka looked good on screen and her chemistry with Prabhas is too good. Her performance is lively and her dances are exceptional. Richa Gangopadhyay is just okay not bad and not so great in the movie. She did not match Prabhas’ hefty frame. She is also okay performance wise. Brahmi plays the role of Veera Pratap. His comedy is good if not great. Sampath had got a crucial role and his performance is good as Protagonist. Satyaraj is good in the father role he is offered. Nagineedu, Raghu Babu, Kasi Viswanath are good in the roles they are offered. Rest of them are okay.

Rebel star  in Mirchi Movie review

How is Dance, Music and Songs?
Devi Sri Prasad’s re-recording is too good and worked out big time in elevating the scenes. Scenic locations had worked wonders for the already chart buster audio. But couple of the chart buster songs are let down in picturization.

Prabhas Richa in Mirchi Movie Review

What are the highlights?
1. Prabhas stylish looks and his actions episodes
2. Anushka’s grace
3. Good dialogues
4. Excellent music
5. Few Sentimental scenes
6. Katuka Kallu with Anushka and couple of other songs are well shot.

Mirchi Movie review prabhas

Any Drawbacks?
1. Movie starts off on a slow note and continues that way for some time in Milan(Italy)
2. Routine and predictable story
2. Pale and predictable climax
3. Routine Brahmi comedy and also he is under used..

Richa in Mirchi Movie Review

What about its box office prospects?
The movie offers nothing new in terms of story.  Audience these days are expecting more and more novelty. And coming to Mirchi, the movie is at least an average fare backed up by an impressive performance of Prabhas. It has all the ingredients to excite Prabhas fans. We will have to see how they embrace it.

Did I enjoy it?
Partly Yes

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