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Review: Minugurulu

Minugurulu-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Flickering light in vast darkness


Not Applicable


Minugurulu ReviewWhat is “Minugurlu” about?
Minugurlu is about blind kids and the problems they face in a blind school. The blind school is run by Narayanulu (Ashish Vidhyarthi) and he has addiction to gambling and is a corrupt person as well. How the blind kids finally gets liberated from him is what the film is all about.


How are the performances?
Performances from most of the cast are realistic. Its not their performances but their casting that makes one connect. Kids playing the characters Raju, Bachi, Myna etc all manage to leave a mark.

Minugurulu ReviewWhat about Ayodhya Kumar’s direction?
Kumar Krishnamsetty has taken a challenging subject, he tries his best to focus on the main issue and he does that without any commercial trappings. He deserves a pat on his back for that alone. But critically too he passes muster in getting the viewers engaged. At times the film is slow but still it never lets things slip away.

Minugurulu reviewWhat about Ashish Vidharthi and others?
Ashish Vidhyarthi gets a role to showcase his acting talents. He creates a character that the audience clearly loathes and that is a victory of him. While he has done these kinds of parts in the past this one is more subdued in comparison. Raghuvir Yadav as blind teacher is fantastic is the little time he has leaving a strong impression. Rest of the cast playing Shyamallamma, Ellayya, Reddy and Kiranmayi (Suhasini) etc fits their role perfectly and does good job while at it.

minugurulu reviewHow is Music, Songs and other departments?
Music by Rajsekhar Sharma is used sparingly and to good effect. On couple of occasions it does slow down the proceeding big time but still the actors and song itself hold our attention. Cinematography is superb and it captures the environment very well. It gives us a feel of living in that place and creates an effect on us visually. Editing is razor sharp most of the times barring a few occasion where jump is felt.

Minugurulu reviewHighlights?
Basic storyline


Extremely slow at times
Too real at times

roshiniWhat about the box office performance of the film?
Films like Minugurulu aren’t for mass consumption and hence a box office prospects are always bleak. This one is no exception either and would find extremely hard to survive at box office unless miracle happens.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Reviewed by Siddartha


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