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Kiran-Abbavaram-Meer-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Arjun Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram), who wants to resign from his police job, gets everything right, highlighting him in the department. It brings him face-to-face with DGP and Home Minister. They have other ideas in mind and agree to Arjun Kalyan’s request.

What happens when an unexpected incident forces Arjun Kalyan to take up the police mantle? Did he get what he wanted, and how he faces the enemies is the movie’s overall plot.

Kiran Abbavaram has been showing signs of mass heroism in his flicks in bits and pieces. In Meter, he takes things several notches higher as he goes almost full-fledged mass hero level.

Right from the first frame, we see a conscious effort in body language to have that swag. It does look forced at times, especially when he walks. Besides such obviousness, everything else is routine, mainly for the actor.

We have seen Kiran Abbavaram do the romance and deliver mass dialogues before. While there is no difference here, one can observe that he still lacks the screen presence to pull off such mass stuff. It appears heavy for him. It makes one feel there is still time for him to ripen up for such outings and pull them off convincingly.

Athulya Ravi overacts, which is in tune with the rest of the proceedings. However, she disappears in the second half and arrives only for a song.

Ramesh Kaduri directs the movie, besides providing the story, and screenplay. Meter is a typical commercial entertainer we frequently saw a few years ago.

The attempt here is to freshen up the predictable story with a few twists and comedy. The opening sets things up neatly, but soon things stagnate as the love story takes over. It is over the top and doesn’t work as there is no chemistry. But, more than that, the content is the issue – it is misogynistic and includes double-meaning stuff. It is off-putting, to say the least.

The real interest begins around the interval mark when some twists related to the story and hero are revealed. The predictable movement ahead associated with the father is known, but one is nonetheless interested to see how things proceed.

The second hour is mostly one-on-one challenges between the hero and the villain. There is some fun in between, which holds it together. But, the actual story is highly predictable and executed poorly. It needs more depth and punches to elevate the proceedings.

By the time one reaches the climax, one entirely focuses on the small silly comedy bits, and that’s it. The story feels irrelevant and goes through the motion on expected lines.

Overall, Meter is one of those utterly silly mass entertainers where nothing works except some silly one-liners. The poor execution and lack of meat in the story don’t let even those moments register. It eventually ends up as a forgettable fare

Performances by Others Actors
Pawan plays the antagonist in the movie. Most of his scenes are in combination with the hero. In fact, the hero and villain pair have more scenes together than the heroine. He is alright and, together with his aide, manages to provide some entertainment.

Sapthagiri and Posani Krishna Murali are seen after a gap doing their routine. The actor playing the hero’s father does decently in a role that brings the movie’s core plot and theme to the fore. The rest of the artists have bits and pieces roles, and they are okay.

Sai-KarthikMusic and Other Departments?
Sai Kartheek provides the songs and background score. He has done a decent job of maintaining a tempo to the proceedings with his typical mass-style score. Venkat C Dileep’s cinematography should have been better. There is a dated feel at places. The editing is also choppy during a few critical moments. The writing is par for the course for a silly entertainer.

Some dialogues

Uneven Narrative
Terrible Romantic Track
Double Meaning Comedy

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