Mental MadhiloBOTTOM LINE
Lovable Confusion Tale.


‘U/A’ certified,
2 hrs 20 mins

Sree VishnuWhat Is the Film About?
Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) is a confused guy who can’t make a choice when presented with two options. What happens when he has two women in his life?

How Is Sree Vishnu’s Performance?
Sree Vishnu delivers a terrific performance as a confused guy. There isn’t over drama or showcase of acting chops in the regular dramatic manner. It is just about staying in the character all the way, and making acting choices within the possible reality of the role chosen.

Vivek AthreyaDirection by Vivek Athreya?
Vivek Athreya has made a solid debut as director with Mental Madhilo. There are parts in the second half where he has to improve, but the judgment is there which would help him further.

Right from the beginning, the director established the world of the character and the character, really well. It is the connection to the character that determines the overall likeability to the movie. If one finds it repetitive, there is a high chance the rest of the film will be disliked. Once one is passed the ‘character’ test and are ready to take the journey into his world, Mental Madhilo is a joyful confusion ride.

The first half is breezy and is over even before one realizes it. The writing is excellent, and it allows the predictable story to take a backseat as it hardly matters. The second half begins in an interesting way but soon, the emotions feel contrived and ceases to be organic, which has been the precedence until then. The drama slips into predictable narrative and boredom sets in. However, things are back on track towards the final half an hour. The drama is engaging, and the way whole thing ends with the certain things coming full circle is superb. Overall, Mental Madhilo is a good one time watch. It could have had more impact had the parts of second half and the making quality been better. Sometimes good making also covers flaws of emotions, that wasn’t a possibility here.

Nivetha PethurajNivetha Pethuraj and Others?
Nivetha Pethuraj gets an author backed role and she delivers.She gives character the required depth and also the brings lovable factor so needed to engage with narrative. Amrutha Srinivasan is also adept for the character she has got. It goes bit overboard at times, but that is alright in larger scheme of things. Shivaji Raja gets a good role after a very long time. He is lovely and immensely likeable. The rest of the artists have very little to do, but they all set well in the given story.

music-directorMusic and Other Departments?
Music for the film goes with the flow. There are no special songs the break the narrative and they are all montages. One never knows where the songs end and begin, but the feel nice in the proceedings setting the right mood. The cinematography is below par. The editing is alright. Dialogues are superb.

Breezy narration
First half

Parts of Mumbai track
Few forced emotions

Alternative Take
Reworking the first half an hour of the second half, and with better making quality.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Mental Madhilo Review by Siddartha

Mental Madhilo Review

– Nara Rohit’s special appearance in climax. Movie ends. Visit back for our frank review soon.

– Movie runs slow but the conflict point keeps the curiosity on.

– Both the female leads Nivetha Pethuraj and Amrutha Srinivasan has got good screen presence and did their roles well.

– Sri Vishnu meets another women Renu, a small confusion starts for him.

– Fist Half Report:

Mental Madhilo fist half is passable. Realistic family set-up and love track is decent without any forced comedy. Interval twist is interesting. Stay tuned for the second half report.

– Sree Vishnu’s performance is simple and apt as a guy who can easily get confused. Fresh writing with realistic and simple scenes are the major highlight so far.

– Sri Vishnu has this habit of easily getting confused finally finds his life partner Swetcha, but a sudden twist on the engagement day will delay the event by few months.

– Mental Madhilo show started. Sivaji Raja father of Aravind Krishna (Sri Vishnu) struggling to get his shy son married.

Mental Madhilo US Premier live updates will begin at 12:45 AM IST.

Preview: Mental Madhilo

Mental Madhilo is the new presentation of Raj Kandukuri, the producer of the cult classic Pellichoopulu that established Vijay Devarakonda as a name to reckon with. A new name, Vivek Athreya is making his debut as a director, with the movie.

Sri Vishnu, the lead of critically acclaimed film Appatlo Okadundevadu and one of the actors of the recently released Vunnadi Okate Zindagi, pairs up with Nivetha Pethuraj in Mental Madhilo. It is a rom-com and features an ensemble cast of known names and newcomers alike. Prashant R Vihari provides the music. Suresh Production is presenting the movie as well as releasing it locally in the Telugu states.