Middle Class Abbayi (MCA) ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Challenge To Sit Through


2 hrs 24 mins

Nani-MCAWhat Is the Film About?
Nani (Nani) is a middle-class guy with middle-class sensibilities. He hates his sister-in-law because she always makes him work. There is also a love story happening with Pallavi (Sai Pallavi). His life takes a turn when a goon attacks sis-in-law Jyothi (Bhoomika). How Nani (Nani) starts to respect sister-in-law and saves her from the enemy is what the film is all about?

How Is Nani’s Performance?
Nani is his usual self and in elements. He elevates some small moments with his subtle expressions. Nani is slowly branching out into action space, which is good, but it will take some time to get used to it. There is also the mandatory ‘acting’ sequence where he is fine. Overall, it is a good outing for Nani, without anything taxing.

Director Venu SreeramDirector Venu SreeramDirection by Venu Sreeram?
It is the second film of director Venu Sriram after Oh My Friend. After watching the movie, one can’t help but think that if the director has learned from his mistakes in the first attempt. MCA is a replica of his debut with all the positives and negatives in place as it is, only with a weaker story.

The storyline is simple which means the focus has to be on entertainment or action blocks to engage the audience. The director succeeds in the former case, and there are some genuinely looking moments on screen that bring a smile to the face. It is more due to the chemistry and performances of the lead. Whatever may be the case, they work in parts.

In the second half when we are into the actual story involving the villain track and action that the movie drags and bores with predictability. The second half plods along with forced emotions making a minimal impact. In fact, the scenes involving the heroine appear as a road block in the second half. The songs are speed breakers, but such is the situation that it actually gives relief.

The climax is extended and overstretched, especially when we all know how it is going to end. Overall, MCA is a below average movie with few family and romantic portions working for it. Even if you are a fan of Nani or admire Sai Pallavi, it would be hard to sit through during the second half.

Sai PallaviSai Palavi, Bhumika and Others?
Sai Pallavi plays the heroine in typical style that is a far cry from her turns so far. It feels odd watching her do something that feels irrelevant to the main track. She does her part with sincerity, but no standout moment can be highlighted. However, one can’t take their eyes off her when she dances. Bhumika gets a role that feels like it is too big for her shoes. She plays it well, but the real impact the character should have is missing. Rajeev Kanakala is wasted and so a bunch of comedians, and Aamani. Vijay Varma is alright in his role.

Music-Director-Devi-Sri-PrasadMusic and Other Departments?
Devi Sri Prasad has rehashed both the music and background score from his past efforts. The cinematography is okay. The editing could have been tighter. The dialogues are good in parts.

Few romantic moments in first half
Couple of emotional scenes
Hero-heroine pair

Routine narration
Second half

Rajiv KanakalaAlternative Take
There is a Race Gurram where it’s the brother in place of the sister-in-law, there is a Hyper (father in place of brother) and one can rest assured, there are countless other films on a similar line with the relationship changing every time concerning hero.

Did I Enjoy It?
Very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Middle Clas Abbayi Review by Siddartha

Middle Class Abbayi Review

– Final Report:

MCA has a decent first half and Second half is alright in parts. Visit back for our frank review soon.

– The movie picks up finally when Bhumika gets kidnapped, Nani is superb in emotional scenes. Sai Pallavi has nothing to do in the second half.

– Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi get brief roles.

– The second half is running on a very predictable note. A couple of mind games used between Nani and villain Warangal Siva are very routine.

First Half Report:

MCA first half is passable without a single twist, the limited characters that run the show played by Nani, Bhumika, and Sai Pallavi make it a decent watch. Stay tuned for the second half report.

– Third song ‘Kothaga’ shot at good locations in Warangal.

– The chemistry between Bava – Maradalu Nani and Sai Pallavi is simply superb. On the other side Bhumika Chawla as a serious vadina is okay.

– Sai Pallavi falls in love with Nani at first sight. Second song Yemaindho Teliyadu Naaku is just okay.

– Nani is forced to move to Warangal with his Vadina when she gets a job transfer. Nani is now trying to deal with his strict Vadina.

– Middle class Nani develops an aversion for his Vadina Bhumika after she is married to his close buddy brother Rajeev Kanakala.

– MCA show started with Nani winning a betting game. Time for MCA Title Song.

MCA live updates will begin at 1 am IST

Preview: MCA

  Nani’s Top 5 in US
S# Movie Collection
1 BBM $1.4 MN
2 Ninnu Kori $1.1 MN
3 Nenu Local 1 MN
4 Eega 1 MN
5 Gentleman $900 K

Nani’s upsurgence in the Telugu Film Industry proves the famous novelist RK Narayan’s portrayal of ‘the common man’ as the king. The natural actor hasn’t looked back since his ‘Bhale hale Magadivoy’ became a blockbuster.

Though he didn’t win any critical acclaim as he chose movies that portray him as the boy next door with all the flaws unlike the larger than the life hero, Nani is slowly improving and increasing his market and emerging as a star hero.

Now, he is back with ‘MCA‘ with Dil Raju backing up the project and the stellar cast supporting him in the endeavor to deliver a thorough mass entertainer. A big release for ‘MCA’ is ensured anyway and the movie has garnered positive buzz though it’s evidently a routine movie with a predictable premise.

Nani is in fact, clashing with a talented director like Vikram Kumar (‘Hello’) and if he shows upper hand over the talented director’s movie, he will surely increase his image and his market value definitely go up.

Coming to the director of the movie, Venu Sreeram took a long gap between his first movie ‘Oh My Friend’ and Nani’s ‘MCA’. His debut movie wasn’t a successful movie and ‘MCA’ is a crucial film for the director who is yet to prove his ability as a director.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is routine and we didn’t get to listen to any extraordinary or fresh tunes. Nevertheless, the routine songs may go well in the movie and let’s wait to see if DSP has come up with something fresh and appealing for the background music.

Strongly backed up by a producer like Dil Raju, with an added attraction in the form of the latest sensation Sai Pallavi and the yesteryear sensation Bhoomika Chawla, ‘MCA’ looks like a sure winner in the coming festival season.

However, we need to wait for the first reports from the premiere shows to confirm the same. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review, coming soon.

MCA US premier collection: $300 K.