Mayuri Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
classy but muddled horror


“UA” Certified – 143 Minutes

Nayanatara Mayuri Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
Mayuri is a Meta horror film where Apsara (Nayanathara) accepts a challenge of sitting through a horror film without having any fear to win the prize money. Why is she brought to such a situation and what happens in the end is what the film is all about.

How is Nayanatara’s performance?
Actress Nayanathara is fabulous in the film. She is the one who provides the emotional anchor to the film which otherwise goes too showy with its technicalities. There is no over the top acting from her which is the best part, considering the genre at play here.

Ashwin Saravanan Mayuri Movie ReviewDirection By Ashwin Saravanan?
This is a superb directorial effort for a debutant in terms of technical finesse and the atmosphere built with it. Mayuri is filled with chilling blocks throughout and it is here the problem also lies.While the individual blocks are good and create an impact, it is the narrative as a whole that fails to be similarly gripping and provide the knockout punch. The whole is not equal to the sum of parts.

The screenplay is to be blamed for the disengagement. The momentum built by one scene is spoiled by what follows next. It gets better in the second half as the narrative turns cohesive but then the predictability hits us. Still for the great atmosphere created by the director and really chilling effect it gives, which is a far cry from the horror comedies that we are used to, Mayuri is a decent one time watch.

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Other artist’s performance?
The film consists of mostly unknown faces to Telugu audience except heroine but the good thing is they all do well in what their primary job is, act. Everyone makes the small moments believable with their acting and nothing looks amateurish.

Ron Ethan Yohaan Mayuri Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
There are couple of numbers that are part of the flow of the film, they are okay. The real highlight is the background score which is terrific. This background score added with slick cinematography and editing gives a chilling feel that is perfect for a horror film. At times one feels things are getting overdone but they are worth it. The writing is strong too and it is also plays a major part in engaging the audience.

Highlights Mayuri Movie ReviewHighlights?
Overall performances

Repetitive clichéd horror sequences
Predictable twists

Drawbacks Mayuri Movie ReviewAlternative Take
The serious tone of the film stays as it is for sure. The ending scene of the film was another individual scene that was brilliantly done and that’s where the alternative take comes from. Instead of the challenge to sit through the film portion, a better subplot could have been had with the shooting parts integrated into the screenplay.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts it was brilliant.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, if you have patience and love the genre.

Mayuri Movie Review by Siddhartha