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Routine Mass Entertainer With Exhaustive Length


‘U/A’ Certified, 2h 58m

Vijay Master Movie -ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
JD (Vijay) is an alcoholic professor. It irks many, but he also gets support and following because he is a man with a right heart at the end of the day. Unfortunately, an incident forces him to move out of college to a juvenile home.

How things progress at the juvenile home and Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi) enters the JD’s life? What changes does JD bring and his confrontation with Bhavani form the rest of the plot and overall story?

How Is Vijay’s Performance?
Vijay is his usual self with full of swag as one expects. There is no wrong beat, and he goes all out to please his fans. The styling is classy and very urban with a little bit of ruggedness. The small difference he brings with Master is the drunkard stupor. Not much change overall, but one gets it.

Once, after a point, Vijay turns normal, everything gets back to ‘normal’ for him. Vijay’s confrontation scenes with Vijay Sethupathy are few, so not much to expect there. The fights are fine, but there could have been better output with dances, though. You also have the crying sequence to register Vijay’s emotional act. Master, in the end, is another one of regular outings from Vijay and not the ‘special one’ many might have expected given the director at hand.

Director-Lokesh-KanagarajDirection by Lokesh Kanagaraj?
Master is Lokesh Kanagaraj’s third film. His previous two flicks Maanagaram (Mahanagaram) and Khaithi (Khaidi) were a critical and commercial success. The announcement of Master bringing him with Vijay instantly became a hot property. The teaser further raised massive expectations.

With all the above in mind, Master is a truly different film from Lokesh Kanagaraj. By ‘different’ it doesn’t mean better, but in an inferior way compared to the director’s previous outings. Master is a routine mass entertainer from start to the end.

The director too knows it, and the freshness is brought into it via the characterisation of hero and bringing a known face as his nemesis. The presence of Vijay Sethupathy as the villain is a big boost to the proceedings. If not for him, the entire movie comes several notches down and reek of ordinariness out and out.

The opening hour is catered mostly to Vijay and his mannerism aimed at the fans. It seems never-ending with no progress in the story (which is wafer-thin as it is) and frankly tiring. His fans might feel the other way though given the star’s antics they love.

Only when the proceedings move towards the interval with things moving to a juvenile home that Master finally gets going. The pre-interval and the interval block is exciting. It is what one imagines seeing while entering the cinemas. However, the feeling of it coming a bit late enters our minds.

The second half is straight-up one on one between Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi. There is nothing else happening. It makes the narrative one dimensional. To make up for it, key scenes (read fights and confrontations) are dragged. As a result, what occurs is the whole thing feels flat and lacks the high that one expects them to contain.

The lorry fight sequence is superb and there a couple of other bits and pieces moments in the second half. But, when the length is over an hour, these appear small and very few. The whole build-up ends with a climactic battle between the two Vijay’s. It is alright.

Overall, Master is a routine commercial fare that suffers due to a thin storyline and excessive length. Vijay Sethupathy’s character and presence and pulsating background score make it a passable affair. If you love mass movies, it is a one-time affair.

Malavika Mohanan - Master Telugu Movie RviewMlavika Mohanan and Others?
If you are one of those who have no clue or remember who the heroine of Master is, the chances are high that it will remain that way even after watching it. Well, it is Malavika Mohanan. She has a forgetful part in the movie. Even if her entire track is removed, the narrative wouldn’t be affected.

Vijay Sethupathi is the show-stealer in Master. His presence, his gait and body language are all well-constructed and executed. His elevation works well to raise the overall interest in the movie. And Vijay Sethupathi goes through all of this in his typical casual, unassuming way.

Arjun Das, Nasser, and a few other known faces are present. But, none have a prominent role or character worth mentioning. They all consume the screen space without adding much to make an impression.

Music Director Anirudh-RavichanderMusic and Other Departments?
The music by Anirudh is already popular. It is one of the reasons for immense hype on the movie. The picturisation of the songs is decent. Anirudh does even better with the background score. It is sensational, especially the musical pieces accompanying Vijay Sethupathy. The rest of the technical department is excellent in their work. The cinematography is slick, and the editing is sharp. Yes, it could have been a little bit more trimmed, though.

Malavika Mohanan - Master Telugu Movie RviewHighlights?
Interval Block
Vijay Sethupathi
Vijay Swag

Routine Beginning
Routine And Predictable Ending

NassarAlternative Take
Cutting down on the college portions and giving some depth to Vijay character instead would have been better, for starters.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, With Reservations

Master Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

OMaster Movie Tamil Review

Final Report:

Overall, Master is another typical mass film starring Vijay. Vijay Sethupathi (on-screen) and Anirudh Ravichander (off-screen) delivers a terrific output. If you are expecting an out and out Lokesh Kanagaraj film you will be disappointed. Stay tuned for full review and rating shortly.

— Master comes to an end after a routine climax fight. Final report and full review coming soon. Stay tuned.

—  Anirudh Ravichander is the lifeline of Master. The score is terrific and helping big time.

—  Vijay Sethupathi started chasing Master. The game begins now.

— Master second half started. Malavika Mohanan is getting some screen time now, finally!

First Half Report:

The first hour of Master is pretty ordinary with typical heroism and college professor – student scenes. The movie picks up the pace towards the pre-interval and gets intense.

Vijay Sethupathi steals the show while Anirudh provides a terrific score.

The key is to maintain the tempo throughout the second half.

Stay tuned for the final report.

— Interval bang on Master Vijay warning Vijay Sethupathi to see his end.

– Master Vijay’s job shifts from college to observation home where juveniles are kept. He needs some to serve for three months as a Master. Vijay Sethupathi controls the observation home. After a couple of deaths Master started to realize that juvenile boys need his help.

— Vijay works as a professor who drinks mostly but teaches good things to his students all the time. He enjoys a heroic fan following in the college. Malavika Mohanan works in the same college.

— A simple intro for Vijay followed by a fight. Anirudh is already at work for his superbly done BGM.

— Master show started. First twenty minutes is all about how and what made Vijay Sethupathi a tough guy. He steals the show in the revenge taking scene.

Master movie live updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned for the UNBIASED REVIEW, right after the show.

Master Movie Review | Master Tamil Movie Review | Master Telugu Movie Review

Preview – Master

Vijay Ilayapathy’s ‘Master’ is coming tonight as festival release. It’s coming with huge craze and it’s going to be a big treat for the theatre-starved audiences and fans during the pandemic season.

Foremost, this mass star Vijay’s movie and the frenzy around this movie is definitely high. Plus, the director-hero aka Lokesh Kanagaraj – Vijay combo took the buzz on the movie to the next level. This is the first blockbuster level movie coming after a gap of 9 months.

While the movie is releasing in 900 theatres, even the number of theatres for the Telugu dubbed version is really big as like a straight Telugu movie releasing in 400 theatres. That’s a decent number of theatres.

Going by the present buzz and the mass star’s craze among the audiences, especially, when it’s coming for a festival like Sankranthi, ‘Master’ has every chance to pull the crowds to the theatres and make the way clear for other movies waiting in the line.

Recent couple of releases in Telugu have opened a decent market in the Telugu States. This is further going to expand his market if the movie is going to be a blockbuster. That means, ‘Master‘ has every chance to cement Vijay’s position in the Telugu States and make it more stable.

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