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Sangeetha-Masooda-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Neelam (Sangitha) is a doting mother looking after her daughter Nazia. She has a helpful neighbour Gopi, who has a love story in his office. Everything looks routine and simple middle-class life until Nazia starts to behave differently one day. Soon, things escalate, and she becomes possessed by a spirit.

It is the late Eighties, and strange murders are happening in Chittoor and Hyderabad. How are these unrelated events connected and then to Nazia? The movie’s core plot is if she will ever become normal again.

Sangitha is seen in a proper role after a long gap in Telugu cinema. She suits the part of a typical middle-class mother well. The actor is good in simple everyday situations that require her to be natural. However, she is flat when it comes to drama and other stuff essential to elevating the proceedings. The many moments of leaving one impressed are missed due to the predictable beats she hits as an actor. While it’s good that Sangitha has an author-backed role, it misses the impact.

Thiruveer plays an unconventional lead in Masooda. He is an ordinary, shy middle-class guy. He struggles to express his love to a girl in his office. However, when the time comes, he rises to the occasion to be a hero. It is a good arc for an upcoming actor. But, the part, too, lacks the impact. Thiruveer is decent and stays at the level. Some casual natural moments are fine, but he is just about alright in the crucial sequences.

Kavya Kalyanram and Akhila Ram are the other females with a good presence in the movie. The former, a popular child actress, turns heroine with Msaooda. She gets to play the hero’s love interest and is alright. There is nothing else to talk about her. Meanwhile, Akhila Ram gets to play the girl who is possessed. She is okay as the ‘effects’ take care of the act more than the actual acting.

Sai Kiran directs Masooda. It is a straight-up horror-thriller sticking to the basics without any comic deviations.

The beginning is sure to grab one’s attention. The murders and eerieness surrounding the whole thing generate intrigue. One looks forward to seeing what is in store next—however, the narrative shifts to the present and cuts to a routine love story.

Luckily, not much time is wasted on the love story as it appears briefly in parts. The pair lacks the vibe and energy to make the romance (or the awkwardness associated with it) click.

The narrative oscillates between the love story and the slow build-up to the horror in the neighbouring house. It is the typical middle-class set-up and regular familiar setting that makes the whole thing normal. The ‘horror’ is on the expected lines, but the background makes one interested.

The interval after all the build-up escalates the horror drama content. It ticks the typical check boxes of the genre, but the curiosity is maintained nonetheless.

The second half progresses predictably compared to the first. We have the usual ‘baba’ taking stock of the situation and finding the cause. Again the making and the realistic setting provide intrigue even though we see nothing new.

The flashback and, subsequently, the ending are all done alright. But, the impact is missing. It is the case with the movie from the start. All elements are in place, but everything progresses flatly. There are no twists and turns storywise; similarly, there are no highs or captivating moments narratively. There are raw, gruesome deaths in parts, but that’s it.

The ending is also routine for a horror genre movie. It has all the noises and predictable scares and thrills. But, the freshness is where it’s found lacking. The pacing is also an issue, as there is a lot of talk in between.

Overall, Masooda is a straightforward horror thriller that tries too hard to scare. It follows a routine formula but tries to present it realistically. The writing and performances, unfortunately, fail to elevate the stuff. If one likes the genre, the movie is an alright watch at best. For others, it requires huge patience to sit through.

Kavya-Kalyanram-Masooda-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
The casting is decent for a low-budget production. Besides the names mentioned above, we have the likes of Subhaleka Sudhakar, Satyam Rajesh etc. They are adequate and fill the universe well.

Muic-Director-Prashanth-R-VihariMusic and Other Departments?
Prashanth R Vihari’s songs don’t work, but the background score is superb. The minimalistic approach initially and then the big bang later is well planned. In both cases, one feels the impact. Nagesh Banell’s cinematography is neat. It helps in creating a real space that is instantly relatable. There is a good visual quality despite the low production. Actual location usage works to the advantage. The editing is okay. The slow pace is definitely an issue at times. The writing should have been better, without any doubt.

Some Scares

Love Story Portions
Predictable Story
No Real Twist Or Turns

Thiruveer-Masooda-Telugu-Movie-ReviewAlternative Take

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, in Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Huge Reservations

Masooda Movie Review by M9News

Masooda Movie Review

Final Report:

There is a visible effort from the makers of Masooda for genuine, raw scares, where it succeeds partially. However, it is a typical horror outing story wise without any genuine twists and requires patience to watch.

First Half Report:

Masooda starts on a curious note and later briefly slips into a boring love track. The core track (Sangeetha and daughter) maintains intrigue with typical horror genre scares around the interval mark. Real scares yet to arrive. Let’s see.

Masooda U.S. premiere report will be up soon. Stay tuned.

Masooda movie cast and crew:

Banner Name : Swadharm Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Movie Name : Masooda
Producer: Rahul Yadav Nakka
Director : Sai Kiran
Cinematographer : Nagesh Banell
Music : Prashanth R Vihari
Art Director : Kranthi Priyam
Editor : Jesvin Prabu
Sound Design : Sync Cinema
Dolby Sound Mixing: Rajakrishnan M R
Stunts : Ram Krishan & Stunt Jashuva

Masooda Movie Review by M9News