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Routine But Mighty Fun


‘U’ Ceritified, 143 mins.

mohanlalWhat is the Manyam Puli about?
Kumar (Mohanlal) is the savior of the tribal village from wild Tiger attacks. He is innocent and has a loving family with wife Myna (Kamalinee) , brother Subrahmanium (Vinu Mohan) , and uncle Bala Ram (Lal). What happens when he is forced to move out of the tribal community due to a mistake committed by his brother? How he solves the problem in his own way? Who is Daddy Girija (Jagapathi Babu) is what this film is all about?

How is Mohanlal‘s performance?
There is nothing new to say about the acting skills of versatile genius that is Mohanlal. It is good as usual, the sweet and innocence romance that he develops with heroine is a testament to that fact. But the real highlight, rather the surprising factor of the film and the star is his action. Mohanlal does lots of stunt sequences in the film and he is terrific in all of them. His agility in those fights has to be seen to be believed.

director-vysakhDirection By Vysakh?
When a director knows what he is making and it shows on screen, more often than not, we have a winner at hand. Director Vysakh knows very well what he is doing here and his assured direction is what makes this film tick. On paper, the story appears clichéd and done to death kind but the director is able to engage with a gripping narration.

First of all the characters are neatly etched. Although the hero is given the usual preference over everyone and heroism is maintained, care is taken to create the much needed emotional connect between characters. The husband-wife relationship, the brother’s relationship, and friendship everything is done well. It is these carefully developed emotions representative of the particular milieu chosen that make us sit through the movie which is full of clichés.

Another major aspect that has been neatly inserted into the screenplay and a major payoff is the fights. They are superb, the Tiger fights especially even with visually lacking in the budget department are fine and provide the required thrill. The only problem here and that too for Telugu audience, apart from predictability in the story, is the slow pace. Currently, we are used to watching films of this kind in a fast forward way.

kamalini-mukherjeeKamalini Mukherjee and others?
Kamalinee Mukherjee plays a typical housewife role who is jealous of all the attention her husband gets. She plays the part well and looks lovely in a deglamorized avatar as well. Namitha is wasted. Jagapathi Babu might appear fresh for a Malayalam audience but here in Telugu, he has done similar roles in the past few years. There is nothing new in his act but the way his character is build and given respect deserves mention. Kishore too is repetitive in his cop act. Lal gets a good character and he has done justice to his role. Suraj is fine providing comic relief.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Gopi Sundar is alright. The background score is superb. The cinematography is good and it captures the forest locality in its full glory. Editing is good. Action by Peter Heins is terrific.

Peter Heins Fights

Predictable story

mohanlal-kamalini-mukherjeeAlternative Take
Maybe a bit shorter but for a typical commercial entertainer this is a neatly done venture.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes mainly for mass movie lovers.

Manyam Puli Review by Siddhartha