Mantra 2 Review

Mantra 2 Review

Extremely banal and blah


‘A’ Certified, 111 mins.

Charmikaur Mantra 2 ReviewWhat is the film about?
Strange things happen when Mantra (Charmme) is welcomed as a pay guest to a house. Why they happen and how it all ends is what the film is about.

How is Charmee Kaur’s performance?
Let’s just say Charmme sleepwalks through the film without putting any effort. It might probably be a film done purely for paycheck or just to be part of a film. The actress hardly has any moment or scene to talk about performance wise in the entire run time.

S V Satish Mantra 2 ReviewDirection By S.V Satish?
When the film has a weak story the screenplay and direction have to be string to hold the attention. Mantra 2 lacks on both the count. For the genre the director has chosen there is hardly any thrill. This is in addition to the weak story the film already has. Many scenes are poorly handled and drag endlessly with no real purpose eventually. When the suspense is revealed finally it’s so badly done that rather than evoking sympathy an unintentional comedy is felt. Neither of the halves is good, which makes the film a complete disaster.

Chethan Mantra 2 ReviewChethan and other artists?
Charmme is the main character of the film and besides her there is none to really get noticed except Tanikella Bharani. The veteran actor does his part well with great sincerity. The rest come and go with no impact including hero Chethan.

Sunil Kashyap Mantra 2 ReviewMusic and other departments?
There is luckily only one song which is forgetful. The background clearly has been the main focus of Sunil Kashyap that is so essential for the films of this genre to work. Here the end results one must say are disappointing as mostly what one hears is a standard stock sounds. There are just very few pieces that actually convey the right effect but even they soon turn into predictable trite. Cinematography is poor and so is editing at most times. Dialogues are bad.

Highlights Mantra 2 ReviewHighlights?
Short duration
Few minutes of climax

Zero scary moments

Drawbacks Mantra 2 ReviewAlternative take:
Films have been recently made on similar theme with far more engaging screenplay and direction. An alternative take would therefore be the same, have a better screenplay. Stories usually for films of these genres are weak anyways.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Mantra 2 Review by Siddhartha

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