manalo-okkaduBOTTOM LINE
Sincere But Boring


‘U/A’ Certified

manalo-okkadu-rp-patnaikWhat is the film about?
The film is about a maligned teacher Krishnamurthy’s (RP Patnaik) efforts to bring back honor and dignity in his life that is taken away by media.

How is RP Patnaik’s performance?
Let’s just say it upfront that RP Patnaik is not a good performer, no matter how much effort he puts in. there is a scene in the film where the actor expresses his anguish in front of a mirror, which is enough to tell his shortcoming in the department. The actor, for the most part, exerts the right emotion but it immediately collapses into ordinariness. It not just highlights weakness in his acting capabilities but also in the direction as well.

Direction By RP Patnaik ?
RP Patnaik has made few films in the past. Among them, Broker clearly stands out due to its story. With Manalo Okkadu, he again comes up with such a story. It can be easily identified by anyone. The story aspect is fine. The same can’t be said about screenplay which looks like a problem building exercise till pre-climax. It can be still seen as decent if the reality of the problem shown is taken into consideration.

With a good story and decent screenplay on hand one assumes the film would to be good too but that’s where the direction ruins the impact. Remember he additionally acts in the film too. This dual responsibility can be a major reason for let down in direction. Like one of the scenes mentioned above, even a decently executed scene lacks impact due to not so good job at direction. Some of the moments which make an impact are involving actors of capabilities like Sai Kumar, Nassar etc.

Poor direction with too sincere nature of the message makes this slightly boring watch in the film. The scenarios are identifiable but not engaging enough. The message is important but it is not delivered strongly enough.

Anita HassanandaniAnita and others?
Anita Hassanandani even after a long gap still looks fresh and is fine in her role. It is a typical housewife role and she plays it convincingly. Sai Kumar is superb in a role that looks tailor made for him. Raghubabu is good as usual. Suresh appears briefly in the film portraying a sincere but stuck in system kind of character well. Nassar is terrific in the few scenes he has. His confrontation scene, especially with Sai Kumar, where the two go at each other, is really nice. Duvvasi Mohan too is really good. Gollapudi Maruthi Rao is fine but his roles are kind of becoming predictable.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music for the film is given by RP Patnaik. It is passable barring one song. Background score is alright. Cinematography and editing could have been better. Dialogues are good and add weight to few scenes.

Basic Story
Message on media

Very slow pace

Alternative Take
A very key plot point of the film seems to be inspired by a popular foreign language film named The Help. If you are a movie lover do yourself a favor, check it out.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts

Will you recommend it?
Yes, with reservations.

Manalo Okkadu Review by Siddhartha