Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Two decades late


‘U/A’Certified, 136 mins.

Allari Naresh Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewWhat is the film about?
Bhaktha Vatsalam Naidu (Mohan Babu) is happily married with two wives and has a son and daughter out of respective wedlock. One day a mistake brings the kids together in uncomfortable way as they aren’t aware of the common father. How Naidu’s hotchpotch plan to not let the sin happen results in Balaraju (Allari Naresh) entering his life and how his whole life turns upside down is rest of the film.

How is Allari Naresh’s performance?
In hindsight Allari Naresh is the secondary character in the film to Mohan Babu. Still the actor holds his own in many scenes they are together and this in spite of writing favoring the senior actor. Of course there isn’t anything exceptional work here from Allari Naresh, it’s his usual stuff.

Director Srinivas Reddy Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewDirection By Srinivas Reddy?
When the plot is too flimsy and weak, strong direction can sometime make it work. Unfortunately that isn’t the case here and the end result is a nausea inducing mess. The biggest problem here is the old fashioned approach of the whole enterprise. There are few situations which evoke laughs but even those are a result of situations rather than adept direction. The final nail in the coffin would the lengthy pre climax and climax done executed in the most clichéd manner possible.

Ramya Krishna Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewRamya Krishna, Meena and other artists?
The senior actor is present right from the first frame to the last. He tries his best but barring his dialogue delivery the star looks mighty awkward in many of the scene. He still manages to hold courtesy his inimitable style against Allari Naresh though. Ramya Krishna and Meena are adequately cast for their parts and they are fine overall. Varun Sandesh and Poorna have smaller roles in comparison and they are merely passable. Comedian Ali for a change gets a full length role. It’s a typical act that only he can deliver with all the vulgar innuendoes in place. Other like Jeeva, Krishna Bhagwan, Surekha Vani and Raja Ravindra etc are only to fill screen space.

Music Director Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Koti is poor but it’s the background score that takes the cake. It is one of the worst in recent times if not the worse. Even in other technical departments the film is a failure. Dialogues too lack spunk.

Mohan Babu Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewHighlights?
Few situational comedy blocks
Allari Naresh

Outdated narration
Background score

Meena Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu ReviewAlternative Take
Films like these have died very long ago. It’s best if that’s kept that way. Or else there is also the Pellam Oorelthe style but this too is way overdone at this point.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Review by Siddhartha