Malli Raava Review – Only A Few Likeable Moments

Malli Raava Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Only A Few Likeable Moments


‘U’Certified, 2 hrs 08 mins.

Sumanth'What Is the Film About?
Malliraava is a simple tale of a journey between two individuals Karthik (Sumanth) and Anjali (Aakansha Singh) in three different phases of life. How did their journey come to an end?

How Is Sumanth’s Performance?
Sumanth is apt for the role he has chosen. It plays to his strength, and he delivers. There is something odd in the way he looks, but care has been taken to cover it through the beard.

Gowtam TinnanuriDirection by Gowtam Tinnanuri?
The story of Malliraava is simple in the broader scheme of things. What is necessary for the movie to work is the screenplay and writing. On both fronts, Mallirava works, but only in parts.

It takes some time to get tuned to the proceedings as the screenplay jumps between childhood episodes, past and present, but if one is used to the pattern, it is okay. If it hasn’t, then the back and forth narration is a big issue right throughout with the enjoyment of the movie.

The present time appears to slow down the tale, it is utterly predictable, and we have seen multiple stories of that type within the urban love space. There is no novelty in it. The other portions, childhood, and workspace, parts have few engaging moments primarily due to the comedy. The emotions at all stage are contrived and go through the predictable chore. The weak writing further brings down the impact.

What keeps things together are few entertainment parts and the relentless background score taking our mind away from weaknesses. But, it can only do so much. On the whole, Malli Rava is another love story with predictable clichés but with a different screenplay attempt. It might work to those who don’t mind clichés and are a sucker for romance. Others are likely to be tired and bored by the end of the show.

akanksha-singhAkanksha Singh and Others?
Akanksha Singh is alright. She has two emotions on display. Either it is smiling or keeping a sad face with occasional tears. There is nothing beyond it, to evoke chemistry that can cover the flaws. The rest of the cast is filled with mostly newcomers and the ones part of comedy, have done a decent job like Mirchi Kiran. Sathvik playing the younger version of hero is fine. Preeti Asrani is lovely. Senior actress Annapurna plays her usual part effortlessly.

Music and Other Departments?
Shravan Bharadwaj has done an excellent job with the music and background score. The lyrics also help a great deal. Better cinematography would have helped a great deal in furthering emotional impact. Editing is neat. The dialogues are fine. They are contrived at crucial points and utterly predictable.

Malli Raava Movie ReviewHighlights?
Music and bgm

Clichéd dialogues at key moments
Gets predictable as it progresses

Malli Raava Movie ReviewAlternative Take
The film itself looks like an alternative take of Premam. If we go back, there was Naa Autograph. It’s that kind of movie.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, in parts.

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, to those who love slow and predictable love stories

Malli Raava Review by Siddartha

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