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‘U/A’, 2h 11m.

Naresh-Malli-Pelli-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Narendra (Naresh) and Parvathy (Pavitra Lokesh) meet on the sets of their new film in Hyderabad. A feeling of soulmate generates instantly, and in due course of time, they fall in love with each other. However, both are married and have kids, respectively.

How Narendra and Parvathy escape the shackles and break free eventually from the societal and other pressures in the movie’s basic story.


Naresh lives in a role that is a biopic of sorts. He gets the various confusion and shades associated with the character right and delivers accordingly. In the end, it is to the credit of the actor that he creates a compelling role out of Narendra, even though a lot might put one off.

The same is the case with Pavitra Lokesh. She is the movie’s backbone and delivers a grounded yet intense performance. She hits the right notes when maintaining a calm and gentle smile but raises the drama quotient whenever the emotions take over.


MS Raju directs Malli Pelli. It is based on the real-life events of Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh but is narrated cinematically with different names on screen.

Malli Pelli is narrated chapter-wise, showcasing the different growth phases between Narendra and Parvathy while simultaneously highlighting their backstories. A clear picture is seen at the end leading to the culmination we have seen publicly.

The first chapter reveals that the circumstances under which Narendra and Parvathy come together are boring and cause major second-hand embarrassment. The on-screen growth of a relationship involving lovey-dovey and casual conversation between the two is the definition of cringe.

Chapter two is where things take a drastic turn, but again they don’t really get things going. Firstly, one is not sure how much of the depiction is true and the extent to which its shown is extreme. It distracts initially considering the reality associated with the subject. It is after a point when one leaves such imaginations and apprehensions aside and looks at the content for what it is there that appears an engagement with the proceedings.

The intermission raises curiosity, and the second half resumes showcasing the flashback of Parvathy. Again a lot depends on how much is reality and what portion is fictionalised. MS Raju takes an over-the-top cinematic route in narrating the whole thing. It works for the proceedings, and shocking revelations make one glued.

The whole narrative eventually leads to the scenes in the public domain towards the climax. They are alright, as the cinematic recreation doesn’t match the energy and vibe of reality. Still, it feels fulfilling, considering the story that is revealed.

At the of the day, everything depends on what one expects and watches on the big screen. It is a version of Narendra and Parvathy. We see everything from their perspective, and the others are the villains. If it were a political movie, this would be like a propaganda flick. Here it is a story bringing out the ‘hidden truth’ behind two public figures’ real-life love story.

Overall, Malli Pelli is an overdramatised, sensationalistic cinematic retelling of real life. It does offer intrigue to those who aren’t following real-life events. They can give the movie a try. Others following the couple since the first controversy blew up might find the reality more engaging.

Pavitra-Lokesh-Malli-Pelli-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

The actress playing Sowmya is a crucial role in the movie. She plays a devil incarnate in the life of Narendra. The way she acts and the character is executed makes one irritated and infuriated with her just by watching. Ravi Varma also does a neat job as the husband of Parvathy.

Veterans Jayasudha and the late Sharath Babu are seen briefly among the rest. They are grace personified. Jayasudha, who has a little more screen time, is a calming and soothing presence whenever she is on screen. Bhadram and others seen in minor roles are okay.

Music and Other Departments?

Suresh Bobbili and Aruldev provide the music. The songs are trendy to hear on screen but lack appeal beyond their usage. Aruldev additionally provides the background score, which is good. The cinematography and editing could have been better, though. Some portions appear patchy on the screen. The writing is also on and off. Only brief moments during the dramatic parts have some meat to them.


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