Makkhi Movie Review


A must watch fantasy entertainer which indulges you in a trance.SSR is all set to keep Telugu flag flying in Hindi Land.

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Makkhi Review
What is ‘Makkhi’ about?
Makkhi is the dubbed version of Telugu film Eega. And coming to the story, Jani (Nani) is neighbor to Bindu (Samantha), he falls in love with her and she too responds positively but doesn’t express it. Sudeep(Sudeep) is multi- millionaire who runs construction business, and he lusts Bindu. Sudeep comes to know about their affair and kills Nani. Nani, in his rebirth is born as ‘Eega’ (a housefly) and remembers the incident occurred in last birth and how he takes revenge on Sudeep is what the movie is about.

What is so special about a dubbing movie?
The movie is a blockbuster in Telugu and Tamil and comes from the stable of Rajamouli whose earlier films like Vikramarkudu, Marayada Ramanna are remade as Rowdy Rathore and Son of Sardar. His other movie Magadheera is being remade very soon too.

Rajamouli - Makkhi Review
How is Rajamouli’s direction?
Rajamouli used the concept of incarnation and extreme levels of creativity and etched a movie called Makkhi. The movie is getting rave reviews from all the critics across the nation calling Rajamouli as The new age hero of Indian cinema.

Samantha - Makkhi Review
How about Star cast?
Nani is good and natural. His role is very brief and is confined to only a few romantic & love scenes with Samantha. Samantha suited to the role well. She looked girl next door in those costumes. Sudeep is the show stealer with fabulous acting. He impresses well as the bad guy. He evoked some laughs when Eega irritates him.

nani - Makkhi Review
What about the CG work?
The CG and animation work of the movie are top notch. The hard work of the team is clearly visibly on the screen with all the work seeming so natural and convincing. With over 90 minutes of realistic animation and visual effects, the total film costed more than 30crores.

Keravani - Makkhi Review
How is the Music?
MM Keeravani popular as Marakathamani to Hindi audience is the music composer.Music has good number of chartbusters. The Background score by Keeravani is very good. He delivered the required output. He usually comes up with very good score in Rajamouli movies and this one is not an exception.

How about the rest of the departments?
The dubbing is good. Ajay Devgan had lent his voice for the opening sequence of the film. The Art work is good. The editing by Kotagiri is fine. Cinematography by Senthil is promising.

Sudeep - Makkhi Review
What are the highlights?
Never before graphics work, Performances of the cast especially by Sudeep and Superb Background score.

Any Drawbacks?
The logic has gone for toss many times since the script is highly fictional & fantasy filled. And there is too much of violence towards the end of the movie.

Makkhi MovieWhat about its box office prospects?
No dubbing movie had ever made so much of buzz as Makkhi in recent times. With all the critics hailing it, we will have to see how the movie performs with the audience.

Did I enjoy it?

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