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Emotionally Satisfying Journey


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 34 mins.

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
The story of Majili is pretty straightforward. Poorna (Naga Chaitanya) loves a girl Anshu (Divansha Kaushik), but it doesn’t end happily. He later marries Sravani (Samantha). How Poorna madly in love with another girl overcomes the separation and understands and begins to love Sravani (Samantha) is what the film is all about?

How Is Naga Chaitanya’s Performance?
The character of Poorna is tailor-made for Naga Chaitanya. In the past, he has played similar roles with different character arcs. With age and time, he has developed ease, and it is visible in every frame. It can, therefore, be said without any doubt that Majili is the career-best performance of Chaitanya. There is a relaxed intensity without going overboard anywhere. Even the early age portion, which usually caused problem in the past, are also done neatly and strongly without coming across as silly or childish.

All the scenes with Samantha with an undercurrent tension are well acted. The pre-climax and climax are the best. We have to remind again; there is nothing out of the box, or different acting Naga Chaitanya has done. It is his usual space, but done with the best of ability and hence the impact.

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Shiva Nirvan?
Shiva Nirvana in his second attempt brings another chapter to screen from his Vizag dairies. The director’s grip on the locality is a great asset to the proceedings as it adds a distinct layer to the already known and routine story and drama.

The progress of Majili is smooth without many jerks. The first half, compared to the second, has more fun on offer. There is an additional seriousness on display in the latter half. The narrative gets progressively serious and intense, but there is always a humorous moment around the corner that is integrated well into the story without sticking out. The interval is neatly done even though we know what is going to happen.

The second half is more in drama space and less on the entertainment, but the proceedings never get dull. The wafer-thin plot is held tightly by neat writing and suitably etched characterisation that we come to like as the movie progresses. The father and son dynamic, for example, or the neighbour father-in-law track, they keep the flow going without stagnating or clogging the narrative.

The problem with the movie is the sheer predictability on display. Right from the beginning, we know where it is headed. Some plot moments seems to end abruptly or brought about in the same fashion. Still, the husband and wife duo or Chaitanya and Samantha make it work with their chemistry that reflects a maturity only marriage can bring.

Overall, Majili, despite its utter predictability and unsurprising narrative, the writing and acting hold the movie together to provide an engaging and satisfying outing.

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsSamantha and Others?
Samantha is a lifeline for Majili as much as is Naga Chaitanya. It is one of those films, where both the lead pair’s performance is necessary for the whole thing to work. And Samantha makes it work. She is splendid in the second half. The way the character is built and the graph is shown through emotions is superb. Divayansha Kaushik appears in the first half and definitely leaves an impression. She was right in the key scenes that bring a new turn in the narrative. Apart from the lead pair, the rest of the actors too have got small, but memorable parts. Rao Ramesh obviously stands out, but even Suhas who has left screen time also registers. It is the same with Posani Krishna Murali and Subbaraju.

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Gopi Sundar composes the songs for the film. They are decent and go well with the visuals, but they lack the classic appeal that could have further elevated the proceedings. SS Thaman has provided the background score. He has done a terrific job in maintaining the mood of the film throughout. The cinematography by Vishnu Sharma is fantastic. The editing could have been little sharper as the movie does give a lengthy feeling. The writing is brilliant.

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?
Lead Pair
Background Score

Predictable Story
Feels Lengthy
Songs Could Have Been Better

Majili Review, Majili Movie Review, Majili Telugu Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
This particular storyline has already many ‘alternative takes’, in the past. The director’s previous film also comes in the same category.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

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Final Report:

Shiva Nirvana’s writing backed by performances of Samantha, Chay and Rao Ramesh makes Majili a decent watch at the end. Visit back for Mirch9’s frank review soon.

– Majili comes to an end with a brilliant performance by Chay-Sam.

– Anshu’s daughter bringing Poorna (Chay) and Sravani (Sam) together.

– Poorna (Chay) finally decided to work and goes to Dehradun. He dramatically meets his ex-lover Anshu’s daughter who is also interested in Cricket. Poorna brings her home to teach the game.

– The scenes between Sravani (Sam) and her father-in-law Rao Ramesh are good.

– Majili second half started. Poorna (Chay) becomes an alcoholic because of his love failure.

First Half Report:

Majili first half is decent but it has its own share of issues. The cricket and love track is quite ordinary so far.

– The story shifts to present. Sravani (Sam) makes an entry as Poorna’s wife (Chay). Interval.

– Poorna (Chay) falls for Anshu (Divyansha), a Navy officer’s daughter. On the other hand, his love and game is disturbed by Bhushan (Subbaraju), an youth president in the area.

– Poorna (Chay) is a cricket freak. He gets one year deadline from his father (Rao Ramesh) to prove himself in the field.

– Majili show started with a cricket match that’s happening in Waltair. Soon after the match Poorna (Chay) slips into his flashback.

Preview: Majili

Majili‘ is coming at the juncture when the audiences are hard-starved for good movies and especially, deprived of entertainment with tension prevailing due to the elections. The timing is excellent and the promos were great and so, what are we waiting for? Ready to watch the movie.

Before Sam and Chay, director Shiva Nirvana needs a mention as a director who has given this beautiful ‘Ninnu Kori’ that was subtle and simple, yet could pull crowds to the theatres. Instead of saying he is exuding confidence on ‘Majili’ we must say that he has confidence on the content of his story. His calm and composure are something that makes us believe he has something really intriguing and interesting to offer the audiences.

Sam and Chay as a pair after their marriage just look irresistible as there is a certain curiosity among the audiences about how would they portray the reel life characters as husband and wife in a troubled relationship as we have seen them always in happy space enjoying life as it comes. The contrast that is shown as the content is what has been creating curiosity in the first place.

Moreover, the director said that it’s Chay’s performance that is going to be the highlight when we were expecting Samantha to kill the show, all through. As passionate movie lovers, we would like to see Chay in a space where critics would shower praises on him for the surprise he springs with his performance.

The music director of the movie Gopi Sunder has rendered thematic tunes that would work for a content-based family drama, big time. And we are hoping big that S Thaman will repeat his ‘Tholi Prema’ kind of magic with his background score for ‘Majili’. All in all, there are a lot of nice things to say about ‘Majili’ and hope that it lives up to the expectations.

So, it’s time for our genuine ‘Majili’ review from mirchi9 team. We’ll be right back within no time just don’t forget to keep watching this space.