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A Classic For A Legend


“U” – 2 Hours 56 Minutes.

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film about?
Mahanati is the biopic of legendary actress Savitri, and that is precisely what we get. The movie depicts her professional rise along with personal attachments. Like many biopics, it is the rise and fall graph that is the main plot.

How is Keerthy Suresh’s performance?
Keerthy Suresh gives a career-best performance by a mile as Savitri. In fact, it wouldn’t be an overstretch to say it is the best act by a heroine in recent times. If she had failed as an actress, the entire movie would have fallen flat. That is not the case, and she delivers a riveting act. The role offers lots of scope to Keerthy Suresh to be her usual self and do what she usually does in a regular commercial setup and go beyond them without imitating the legendary actress.

Her character graph goes through subtle changes, and we only realise that in hindsight due to the impact of the particular situation. Otherwise, the variations, from an innocent girl to a woman with a voice, to an alcoholic are very smoothly and neatly done without ever being in our face. Keerthy Suresh lives the character, and we only see Savitri on screen after a point.

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsDirection By Ashwin Nag?
After an impressive debut with Yevade Subramanyam director, Nag Ashwin is back with another exciting movie Mahanati. It is a biopic, and they usually tend to be boring when the person on whom the picture is made is a highly revered one. The problem generally is people following the person know everything about them which makes things less exciting on screen.

The lack of excitement is there partly in Mahanati as well. There are multiple anecdotes that we know of are showcased academically. It is for cine aficionados, but in a way adds nothing to the narrative or brings an emotional response. Even the awe aspect is also not there. Luckily, the director is not really focusing on that aspect, and they just come as bits in the narrative, which is alright.

The real deal is the emotional core story involving Savitri and Gemini Ganesan. It is a love story and a regular one at that. It is also instantly relatable. And when the actors generate chemistry on such lines, one is immediately engrossed in the narrative. The more we get to know about the love story, the more we understand that movie world is just a backdrop. As we move further into the narrative, the setup becomes a character in its own, and the world comes alive. The parallel track of Madhura Vani and Vijay Antony further helps in the understanding of the past.

In the current times, when so much mudslinging and badmouthing is happening in filmdom, a movie like Mahanati with all the romance couldn’t have been more appropriate. The times gone by literally gives it is a fairy tale touch. The alcoholic aspect adds the bittersweet melancholy that is not too melodramatic and yet very intense. In the end, one is left with moist eyes. Even if that is not the case, it is sure to move. Mahanati, is, therefore, a must watch in cinemas once for the core emotions it capture so well.

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsDulquer Salmaan and others?
Keerthy Suresh has the lead role in real sense and rest of the artists are supporting to her. Among them, Dulquer Salman has bigger space and importance to the narrative. His character is of utmost importance as much as Savitri’s. And Dulquer Salman also delivers a terrific act. His chemistry with Keerthy Suresh in the first half is magical and the way he breaks internally in the second half due to personal insecurities and jealousy is sure to leave a strong impact.

Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda playing journalist are perfect in their roles. They also have a story going on which punctuates the main narrative at right points. The pair also generates fun and empathy in required amounts.

Apart from them, Mohan Babu, Naga Chaitanya, Naresh, Rajendra Prasad, Prakash Raj, director Krish, Tharun Bhasker Dasyam, Bhanumati and others play well-known names. They all have small parts but are they are essential to the overall world that is captured on screen. They are all efficient.

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
Technically the film is superior in all departments. The music by Mickey J Mayer is alright if we look at songs only. But where it all matters, that is the background score, he shines and leaves a mark. The cinematography is excellent. Editing is nice. However, it is the set design and artwork that overshadows all the others; it is brilliant. The dialogues are perfect for the time and setup chosen.

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Keerthy Suresh
Dulquer Salman
Technical Department

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsDrawbacks?
Some filmy scenes at the start

Mahanati Review, Mahanati Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
Mahanati is a fairytale whitewashing sort of biopic for the chosen person. An alternative take to this would be a gritty and realistic one.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Mahanati Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

Keerthy Suresh lives in the role of Savitri in a well-made biopic. The wonderful cast and artwork take us back in time to give a bittersweet emotional feel. Watch out for our review.

– Samantha’s performance gives a perfect ending to the film.

– Savitri’s downfall and the scenes towards the end of her life shot quiet emotionally.

– Out of several cameos, Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda share decent screen space throughout the movie.

– The downfall of Savitri has started after she encounters an incident of Gemini Ganesan.

– The second half started. Savitri is dealing with issues that come with fame and differences with her husband Gemini Ganesan.

First Half Report:

Keerthy Suresh is Superb in the role of legendary Savitri who rose to fame from rags to riches. And the extensive star cast makes it more interesting. Overall it’s a good first half.

– Savitri had to leave her home when she reveals about the secret wedding. She knocks the door of already wed Gemini Ganeshan. Good interval bang.

– Savitri moves to Madras for movie chances along with her Chowdary pedananna Rajendra Prasad. She gets a role ANR’s (Naga Chaitanya) movie. Dulquer Salmaan introduced as Gemini Ganesan. She starts her movie career and falls in love with Gemini Ganesan.

– Keerthy Suresh’s intro as Savitri is excellent. She makes a solid impact in the scene where she has to act without using glycerin. Krish as K. V. Reddy is impressive.

– Madhuravani (Samantha) and Vijay Anthony (Vijay Devarakonda) works at ‘Praja Vani’ paper trying to cover the story of Savitri. Time for Savitri’s flashback.

– Mahanati show started off interestingly on the suicide attempt of Savitri. She slips into Coma.

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Preview: Mahanati

It’s considered a great privilege to get into the shoes of Mahanati Savitri, a legend in her own right. The makers of ‘Mahanati‘ wouldn’t have found a better actress like Keerthy Suresh who would match the looks of the legendary actress.

So, the movie makers hit the right button by choosing Keerthy Suresh to play Savitri. The first look posters and the teasers of the movie generated big hope to expect a decent and engaging content.

All said and done, the makers didn’t release the theatrical trailer, yet the movie has got decent advance bookings. If promoted well, the bookings would have been great.

A section of present-day audiences, especially, the yesteryear audiences are curious to see Savitri on the screen, after a long time, in all her glory. The stellar star-cast is one of the crowd pulling factor for the movie.

The director, Nag Ashwin decided to have a lengthy run-time and we have to see how the director can engage the current generation youth audiences with the legendary role who have no idea about the legendary actress.

In case of the star-studded ‘Mahanati’, it’s the content and the word of mouth that’s going to decide the movie’s fate, big time. Let’s see if the director could come up with a decent narrative and give the present generation audiences a biopic to remember for the years to come. Stay tuned for mirchi9 Mahanati review.

Mahanati US Premier collection: $300,984 from forty two locations.