Vishal-Hansika-Maga-Maharaju-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Just Stay Away.


‘U’ Certified – 147 mins.

Vishal-Maga-Maharaju-ReviewWhat is the film about?
There is so much crap that is happening that it difficult for one to put simply what the film is about. Maybe after a point one doesn’t even care about that.

How is Vishal’s performance?
After doing some serious movies back to back this film seems to be lighter outing from the actor. The intensity is clearly missing and he seems to be just going through motions like everyone else in the film

Director-C-Sundar-Maga-MahaDirection By Sunder C?
Director Sunder C has been doing films back to back from a long time. He has a good ratio of hits and misses and Maga Maharaju clearly belongs to the latter. This one is seriously mis-directed venture where nothing comes together or works. The laziness in writing is clearly visible which is the biggest drawback for the film. For a film that lengthy there are hardly any memorable or wow moments that one can remember or feel good about.

Hansika-Maga-Maharaju-ReviewHansika, Ramya Krishna and others performance?
The film has huge support cast apart from hero. There are three veteran actress and the current heroines. Veteran actresses like Ramya Krishna easily steal the show compared to the newer lot. Only Hansika managed to get registered among the new one’s. Santhanam has as usual rocked with his comedy and Prabhu is dependable as always. Pradeep Rawat plays another routine character with no change in his act.

Hiphop-Tamizha-Maga-Maharaju-ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Hip hop Tamizha is okay. The background score is loud mostly and adds nothing to the proceedings. Editing is alright. Cinematography is good for the film giving it a rich look. Action choreography should have been lot better. Dialogues are good in places but overall it is poor.

Ramya-Krishna-Maga Maharaju ReviewHighlights?
Few comedy scenes.

Muddled screenplay.
Lazy direction.
Boring and loud action.

Prabhu_Maga-Maharaju-ReviewAlternative take:
There seems to be too many things going on at the same time. If some of those threads were removed or better weaved into screenplay without giving the nausea kind of feeling surely the experience would have been better.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Maga Maharaju Review by Siddhartha