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Depressingly Boring


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Madhanam Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Ram is a lonely and moody youngster. He falls in love with a girl but still is not fully committed. However, he is happy to be with Suji (Sujatha) as she brings happiness in his life. What is the past that is holding him back? Will Ram see things return to normal in his life is what the movie is all about?

How Is Sreenivasa Sayee’s Performance?
Srinivas Sayee as Ram looks perfect for the part. He shines when there is not much required to act and he has gone through the proceedings in an unhappy and sulky avatar. The moment he has to show some expressions, first in the love story, he shows signs of weakness. They are fully out in open towards the end during the pre-climax and climax. The portions require Sayee to be an active participant in the drama as an actor. He falls flat.

Madhanam Movie ReviewDirection by Ajay Sai ?
Ajay Sai Manikandan has a very simple and uncomplicated story in his hand. He also doesn’t go for extra commercial gimmicks and keeps the narrative lean. While it is a good thinking to avoid commercial trapping, it doesn’t work effectively when the proceedings lack meat.

The movie is just two hours in length. It is a short runtime and would have helped Madhanam a great deal if there was a strong content. The director tries his best to hold attention through a small suspense element. It is the primary reason one sits through the first half. We want to know why is the lead behaving that way? What is bugging him?

Taking the cue from the director, we would also like to maintain small suspense and digress a bit. The first half also has a love story going on along with the suspense element. It falls flat due to ten writing and the acting. But, the cinematography and locations manage to give it a nice feel like a quality low budget film we see in other languages. Overall, it makes for a decent first half even though nothing exemplary is happening.

Now we return to the suspense factor mentioned-above. It is revealed right at the start of the second half. Once the cat is out of the bag all the interest to watch the movie is lost. The following proceedings only add to the length and bore the hell out. We also get a sense of depression starting from the point of revelation. The so-called twists make one laugh while cringing at the same time. We won’t reveal it, but let’s say, the less said about it the better.

By the time we reach the climax, it is as if we have seen a three-hour-long film, even though the length is close to two hours only. No interest is alive at that point and we are only looking at the exit to get out and feel a sense of relief.

Overall, Madhanam has a decent first half owing to the small suspense factor and the making. However, the second half falls flat. It derails spectacularly after the revelation. It is, therefore, a forgettable movie in the end.

Madhanam Movie ReviewBhavana Rao and Others?
Bhavana Rao looks good but is not heroine material. She fails to bring out the chemistry with the hero which is very essential for the movie to work. Weak writing further compounds the effect. Apart from the lead pair, the movie is filled with recognizable faces for supporting parts. Sithara playing the mother is the best of the lot which includes names like Rajeev Kanakala, Tanikella Bharani (for a scene), Ajay and Hema etc.

Madhanam Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Ron Ethan Yohann has done a fabulous job with the background score. It is one of the reasons to keep the narrative lively (in a suspenseful way). The cinematography by PG Vinda is neat. The locations are captured superbly. The ’real’ looking feel is generated with his work. The director has done a neat job of getting the right technical team. The editing could have been better, though. While a couple of songs are placed well in the first half, it is out of place in the second half. The writing is weak. A large portion of the film depends on the conversation to work, but the words let them down.

Madhanam Movie ReviewHighlights?
Suspense Element in the First Half

Second Half
Weak Lead Performances

Ajay Gosh -Madhanam Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Post the reception of the suspense there should have been a few more hooking elements. It all falls apart after that point. The entire second half has to be rewritten.

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Madhanam Review by KK

Madhanam Movie Review

Final Report:

In the larger scheme of things the first half of Madhanam feels alright. It generates a sense of suspense and making is decent given the expectations are set at short film level.

However, the second half of Madhanam falls flat post the revelation of the suspense. There is nothing left to take the narrative forward. It makes the short movie feel extremely lengthy. Overall, it ends up making Madhanam a very boring and tiring watching experience.

– Love story come to an end. Final report shortly.

– Ram and Suji’s love story heading towards the climax.

– Reason for Ram’s strange behavior revealed. It has a connection to his father’s death in his childhood.

– Madhanam second half started. Ram’s mother (Actress Sitara) started revealing the flashback.

– Cops come after Ram. Interval.

– Ram gets into a scuffle with the photographer at a wedding and acts weird, feels nervous. These incidents hinting his tragic past.

– Suji tries to take a selfie with Ram which pisses him off badly. Ram slaps her (Ram’s anger and connection with photo yet be revealed).

– Ram has a sad past (yet to be revealed). He stays with his mother (Sitara), but he does not talk to her.

– Suji (Sujatha) clears her intermediate exams after five long years and accepts Ram’s love.

– Madhanam show started. Hero Ram falls in love with Suji (heroine). She says her studies are the first priority.

Madhanam US Premier live updates will begin from 8 pm EST. A detailed review and rating will be up after the show. Keep watching this space.

Cast: Srinivas Sai, Bhavana
Production: Kasi Productions
Producers: Ashok Prasad, Divya Prasad
Co- producer : Madan Teegala
Director: Ajay Sai Manikandan
Cinematography : PG Vinda
Music: Ron Ethan Yohann.
Background Music: Aslam Keyi
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art Director: Shaik Jonny
PRO: Vamsi Shakar
Publicity Designers:
Anil – Bhanu

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