Lucifer Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Lengthy And Massy Fan Fare


‘UA’ Certified, 2hr 54mins

Mohanlal - Lucifer ReviewWhat Is the Film Lucifer About?
When the big head of a ruling party, the Chief Minister PK Ramadass, falls, political manoeuver is made to fill a dummy Jathin (Tovino Thomas) in his place, by CM’s son-in-law Bobby (Vivek Oberoi). What happens when a trusted aide of the CM, Stephen (Mohan Lal) comes in his way?

How Is Mohanlal’s Performance?
Mohan Lal brings his magical aura and intensity to the table to make the maximum out of yet another mass outing. It is a role that he can do by sleepwalking. Well, he doesn’t do that, and that is the reason why the actor is a legend. Mohan Lal always finds a way to keep going energetically even after all these years doing parts that are sometimes highly repetitive and fluffy coming from him. The fights are a treat to watch due to his intensity.

Director Pruthviraj -Lucifer Telugu movie ReviewDirection by Pruthvi?
Lucifer, the film is directed by a contemporary star in Malayalam cinema, Prithviraj Sukumaran. Telugu audience might be aware of him courtesy Vikram starrer Villain where he played the hero. Coming to Lucifer, it is the directorial debut of Prithviraj and is basically an ode to the superstardom of Mohan Lal as a fan.

The most vital aspect of this whole homage or fan service is that Prithviraj has the basic sense to use the star well and present him in a complete package with an engaging story fitting the star. Naturally, the political landscape looks fit. Prithviraj does a terrific job in creating a simple narrative, with clear cut characters and avoiding chaos despite so many spaces like political, media, mafia and drugs. The story never feels dense or too cumbersome.

Prithviraj takes his time in establishing the whole set up and characters and only then he proceeds into the core story. It takes more than half an hour for that, and that’s how we arrive at a near three hours movie. But, what makes it tick is the taught narration and grand making. The narrative is relatively straightforward and simple even though there are multiple arcs. Director uses the star presence and aura of Mohan Lal well. In the first half, the screen time of the senior star is less, but his presence is always felt.

The second half is a one-man show by Mohan Lal, and he takes charge as a mass hero. The elevations are perfectly executed, and Mohan Lal plays to the galleries without overdoing any moment. As the narrative moves towards the end, the proceedings get a little predictable and finally, we began to feel weariness, but that is all right as there is a sense of satisfaction.

Overall, Lucifer is a well-made commercial masala fare that, in parts, operates similarly to Raghava Lawrence directed Don that came years ago. It is a fan service movie that more than collections of fan moments. For a neutral viewer, there is a regular commercial fare that is engaging despite the length issues.

Manju Warrier -Lucifer Telugu Movie ReviewManju Warrier and Others?
Lucifer is a big star-studded affair full of recognisable faces. Incidentally, Mohan Lal has no romantic pair in the movie. Manju Warrier is the only strong female lead in the film with a well-defined and robust character arc. It is a quality for a few other characters too. She has done her part superbly and shines in the second half. Vivek Oberoi plays a powerful scheming antagonist. He finally gets a role that allows him to perform subtly rather than employ larger than life theatrics. Among the big stars, Tovino Thomas enters late and has less screen time, but makes his presence felt in one big scene post-intermission. Finally, Prithviraj too makes an appearance in action scenes, and they are squarely aimed at fan’s enjoyment purpose.

Apart from the names mentioned above, there is a substantial supporting cast as well that comprises of well-known names like Baiju, Saikumar, and John Vijay etc. They all deliver in the roles given to them and stand out irrespective of length.

Music Director Deepak Dev -Lucifer Telugu movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Deepak Dev’s music is situational. The one big item number in the ends is not good. However, he makes it up with a pulsating background score. It elevates the whole movie. The cinematography by Sujith Vaassudev is glitzy and carries a big-budget feel. The visuals are made for the big screen. The editing is fine. The Telugu dubbing is okay.

Vivek Oberoi - Lucifer Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Mohan Lal
Grand Cast And Production Values

Gets Predictable In Final Hour

Pruthvi -Lucifer Movie ReviewAlternative Take
For a typical mass movie, this is more than enough as it is. The alternative take would only be a reduction of the excess.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?
Yes for mass movie lovers

Lucifer Review by Siddartha Toleti