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Same Old Tale


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Lover Review 2018, Lover Telugu Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film Lover about?
An accidental bullet wound leads Raj (Raj Tarun) to the hospital where he meets Charita (Ridhima). It’s love at the first sight. One day while on a fun trip Charita is attacked by goons. Why is she attacked and how did she get out of trouble with help from Raj is what the film is all about?

How is Raj Tarun’s performance?
Raj Tarun is reliable and casually pulls off the lover role with ease. The many films he has done playing the same character helps in engaging onscreen, but there is also a feeling of repetitiveness which can’t be missed. In the action episodes, Raj Tarun is fine in comedy fights, but when it comes to serious ones the shortcoming feels obvious.

Lover Review 2018, Lover Telugu Movie Review RatingsDirection By Annish Krishna
One film director Annish Krishna returns with a second one after a long gap. That too after he had scored a success. In his second attempt, he has taken a more routine subject and tried to present it as fresh as possible. However, it is not an easy ride for him.

Lover is a very routine subject and the attempt to make it fresh starts from the Ananthapur background itself. The dialogue delivery and locations along with the hospital setting show the effort. However, all said and done, the actual content remains the same. The ‘harassment’ of the heroine in the name of love and the one incident to change perception is all the same. When we get that there is nothing interesting left in the movie to watch. Well, there are a couple of songs that are good onscreen and offer some solace.

The second half is such that we can second guess every scene that is going to happen. The effort is put only in shooting it well. After all the predictable narrative we get to the climax where there is an attempt to try something new. Here it is executed in a silly way.

Overall, Lover has a few lovely moments courtesy of the songs and writing. But when seen in totality as a movie, the lack of anything new hurts it badly. It’s a formulaic drivel that is difficult to sit through till the end.

Lover Review 2018, Lover Telugu Movie Review RatingsRiddhi Kumar and others?
Riddhi Kumar looks lovely and is apt for a part that requires her to be the same. There is nothing to talk about acting chops. Apart from the hero, who hogs the entire limelight, it is Rajeev Kanakala who leaves a mark. It’s a routine character with a routine end, but the way the actor plays it makes it stand out. Sachin khedekar is wasted. Ajay and Subbaraju are alright. Praveen, Sathya and Satyam Rajesh are okay. The rest don’t have much to talk about.

Lover Review 2018, Lover Telugu Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
Lover has music by multiple composers, but it all works out well. The background score is fine. The cinematography by Sameer Reddy is neat. Editing could have been better.

Lover Review 2018, Lover Telugu Movie Review RatingsHighlights?

Weak Story
Predictable Screenplay
Pre-climax and Climax

Lover Review 2018, Lover Telugu Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
Better integration of Varadarajan track in the main narrative with a good link and pay off to the car hack block would have been better.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts

Will you recommend it?

Lover Review by Siddartha Toleti

Lover Movie Live Upadtes

Final Report:

Overall, Lover is passable despite having very routine love and comedy tracks. Visit back for our detailed review shortly.

– Climax wrapped up with a technical idea and some fun. Lover comes to an end.

– Reason for villian gang targeting Nurse Charitha is revealed.

– Lover second half started. Now the story moved to Kerala. God’s own country locations are excellent.

First Half Report:

Lover first half is passable with routine love track and comedy. Villian track is yet to open.

– Raj saves Charitha from a murder attempt. Interval.

– Charitha finds a patient missing in her hospital. She finds a slow poison bottle makes her more suspecious about something is happening in her hospital.

– Finally, Charitha falls in love with Raj.

– Nurse Charitha suspects something wrong happening in her hospital. Meanwhile, Ajay’s father in Coimbatore with a rare blood group looking for a donor. Doctor in Charitha’s hospital promises to help by doing a brain dead to another patient.

– Raj gets admitted in a hospital meets Nurse Charitha, falls in love immediately.

– Lover show started. Raj, a custom bike mechanic takes us back to his story.

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‘Kumari 21F’ was the last super hit of young actor Raj Tarun and after that, he has been either delivering flops or average movies at the box-office. This time, he is coming up with Dil Raju’s brand, a successful producer who had an envious lineup of six successes, consecutively.

Though it’s coming from Dil Raju’s compound, it looks like a routine fare. The producer has been maintaining low key with regard to the promotions of the movie. In fact, one didn’t understand if it’s the strategy he planned for a non-bankable hero like Raj Tarun or else had completely given up on him.

Coming to Raj Tarun, going by the trailer content, audiences didn’t come across anything special about Raj Tarun’s character that seemed to be etched on routine lines. Only if the story is presented in a refreshing and packaged in an entertaining way, a surprise may brew up, after the release.

Stay tuned for our genuine ‘Lover’ review to know if the second half of the year begins on a good note for producer Dil Raju.